All Cities Skateboarding Submission Details

It’s time for the Kimberley Diamond Cup and we’re giving SA’s best skaters the chance to shine this September at the All Cities contest!

Eight 4-man teams featuring the country’s best skaters will compete for cash prizes and the All Cities title this September in a single-elimination head-to-head jam format skate competition at the Kimberley Skate Plaza. If you aren’t able to travel to compete at one of our Grand Slam events in JHB, DBN, or CPT, there’s no need to stress. You still have a chance to qualify online via video entry. The best three videos that make the cut will secure their spot in the All Cities contest at the Kimberley Diamond Cup on 27-29 September and a shot at the All Cities title.
Rules and Guidelines for Submissions
  1. Teams must consist of 4 skaters only
  2. As long as skaters are all residents of South Africa, there is no limit to the status of competing skaters regarding professional, amateur or sponsored.
  3. Videos must be approximately 1-2 minutes in length featuring all team members
  4. Music in the video is optional. Production value won’t hurt or help your chances of getting chosen, but taking the extra time to put together a clip that’s easy on the eyes is always great to see.
  5. Footage may be comprised of street and/or park skating. A little variety won’t hurt.
  6. Please keep skating first and foremost and keep the hijinx limited. Save your party footage for another project.
Skaters will be assigned to skate different areas of the street course:

Tech Section: Big section and everything on the right side of the course including the Euro gap, 3 stair, and bank to ledge.

Small Section: Marble ledges, manual pad, and flat bar located at the front of the skatepark.

Medium Section: Big section and everything on the left side of the course including the A-Frame, quarterpipe, and 5 stair section.

Big Section: Big 4 stair along with handrails and hubba ledges only.

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