Checking In At The Kumba Skate Plaza: Winter Days

It’s been a cold and crazy past couple of weeks at the Kumba Skate Plaza! Schools have since gone back into session and our regulars are fiercely studying and scarce at the skatepark until the weekend comes. When the weekend does come, it’s on; and the kids are wasting no time progressing on their skateboards and fitting in as much fun as possible until Monday comes.

Along with being super talented skateboarders, the majority of our locals are always down to help out an volunteer to teach skate lessons on a weekly basis. The Skate Lesson Sundays program at the skatepark has grown immensely in recent months and as much as 30 kids will be at the skatepark on any given sunday getting free skate lessons from our youth volunteers. We’re proud of our kids for giving back to the community and equally as proud of their skills on a skateboard!

Also worth mentioning is Kimberley’s own Boipelo Awuah boardsliding the A-Frame last Saturday during the Girls Skate Session! At only 11 years old and one of the very few ladies in attendance on a regular basis, Boipelo stepped it up and conquered her fears; being the only female skater in the country to do the rail thus far! It was a monumental moment for her and for all her friends that were around to encourage her and see it go down. We’re so proud of her! Check the video below that went viral on facebook last week.

Check out a few photos and videos to see what we’ve been getting into at the Kumba Skate Plaza in the dog days of winter here in the Northern Cape of South Africa.


Sundays are never not booming for Skate Lesson Sundays! This particular day was insane.


Gotta stretch it out before the sesh. Charles and Erwin advise.


Time to pad up.


Group talk: “Skateboarding isn’t a sport and it isn’t about being the best. Everyone learns at a different pace.” These are typically the words that are spoken before we give lessons each week to encourage the beginners. For most of the younger children, he skatepark can be an intimidating environment for those that haven’t been accustomed to it.


Brad helps out with the push.


Charles and Erwin taking care of the laaities.


Skate Lesson Sundays! Always a great crowd. Thanks to all the youth volunteers that pitched in to pass the flame to the next generation.


Boipelo had been intimidated of stepping up to the A-Frame rail for quite some time, so needless to say we were stoked for her once she finally got it. Boipelo 4 prez!


Damian blasts a mondo FS ollie while Mvelo makes funny faces on the deck.


Double trouble with skatepark regulars Mvelo and Thabang.


Stoked to see young Mvelo getting some coping frontside. Watching this kid skate is just too much fun.


First day dropping in for this youngster.


Smiles all day!


More lessons for the Kimberlaaities.


Erwin advises on some basic starting points.


This young lady was so inspiring to spend time with. Young Makaela skated for her first time on this particular day at our Skate Lesson Sundays clinic. When she arrived, she could barely stand on a skateboard. After less than an hour, she was all smiles and skating all over the park on her own! The pure joy this young lady showed was truly inspiring and a good reminder of why we all ride skateboards in the first place. Go Makaela!


Mvelo helps out with skate lessons.


Natalie Bramley goes for the long haul at the longest launch competition.


Siphiwe flies off into another dimension (metre) in the longest ollie contest. Here Siphiwe is clearing 3.75m. Brad Balie ended up taking honours, clearing the final distance of 5.25m! Pretty insane.


The crew has some fun with what little chalk remains following the longest launch contest.


Siphiwe knows how to have fun on his skateboard.


Mvelo keeps warm on a cold, Northern Cape Saturday night.


More fun by the fire!


Young Tshepiso closes it down with a late-night frontside board. Yeah Tshepiso!

All content: Mike Chinner

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