All Cities Video Entries

We’re almost a week from the KDC All Cities contest and we’re stoked to finally narrow it down to 8 teams! We’ve seen some heavy skating at the DBN, JHB, & CPT Grand Slams and have advanced 3 teams of some of SA’s best skaters including Dlamini Dlamini, Anthony De Mendonca, Shuaib Philander, Jean Marc Johannes, Adam Woolf, and Wesley Schroeder, to name a few.

You’ve got TWO more days to send in your video submission. Only FOUR TEAMS will qualify to skate the All Cities on 27 September at the KDC. Will you be one of them?

Check out some of the submissions we’ve received already. The competition is looking heavy, so STEP YO’ GAME UP!!!

Jacob & The Zuma’s (Pretoria)


G1THREE (Pretoria)



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