December Game of Skate at Kumba Skate Plaza

The December Game of Skate welcomed several anxious skaters, and several of those had been practicing hard over the past month with hopes of spots in the finals. It came as no surprise that Damian Bramley made it to the finals as he threw sex changes into all his kickflips, fakie flips, heel flips, and fakie heelflips, taking out all who do not usually change sexes. Damian’s sex change madness contributed to the defeat of 3rd place finalist Stephen Moorcraft, but wasn’t enough to take out Jon Alan horseman’s nollie and switch heelflip game. When it came down to the final trick, Jon alan sent Damian packing after taking him out with a nollie frontside heel.

Following the game of skate, Charl from TQ Hobby Shop generously donated a R100 voucher for an impromptu best trick contest on the launch ramp. Alec Balie shut it down with a nollie bigspin heelflip, earning himself R100 of his next skateboarding goods putchase at TQ Hobby Shop.

Check out the Game of Skate results and photo gallery below. We’ll see you next weekend at the Kumba Skate Plaza!

1. Jon-Allan Horseman

2. Damian Bramley

3. Stephen Moorcraft


Photos by Martin Kotze

Words by Erwin Lyon

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