Down Time: Durban

While in Durban for the KDC Grand Slam Regional Qualifiers, we were able to take some time here and there to explore our surroundings and see what Durban had to offer. While most of that time was spent at the Beachfront Skatepark and The Stadium, we were able to make a few missions into the city, skated a backyard pool, and even visited Indigo Skate Camp, located in The Valley Of 1000 Hills outside of Durban.

Check out a few clips and photos from our down time in Durban. Enjoy!


Fishing season is on in Durban. Get there while you can!


This photo was actually somewhat staged. I threw out one of my tainted bananas out and the previous monkey got ahold of it. I figured if I placed one in the street again, I could get a fellow monkey to cooperate. Successful monkey-with-banana-photo captured for the list.


The mystic Valley of 1000 Hills. We couldn’t find the skatepark on the first day but with all the beautiful sights we’d been seeing, we weren’t too bummed out that we didn’t get any skating in.


One of the Indigo locals eyes the prize.


Vert dog Damian Bramley slashes coping in his first proper pool. Can’t find these in Kimberley!


We headed to our buddy Bruce’s place for a mini session and a few carves in his backyard pool. Here’s Dave De Witt rocking to fakie amidst a Durban skyline.


Great view of the city from Bruce’s rooftop. Thanks for having us!


Not a snake: Missing weave located at Moses Mabhida Stadium. Might still be there.


Thalente Biyela is in town for a couple weeks to spend some time in his hometown and attend some events. We were stoked to catch up with him and film some things, stay tuned for that soon!

Thalente BS D

Thalente puts down a backside D on the big quarter for breakfast.


Madiba approves.


Erwin brought 2 pairs of shades with him to Durban and they both wound up missing or broken by the end of the trip. Time to cop some new stunnas.


See this guy for some friendly prices on shades.


Quick photo mission in town before the 8 hour drive back to Kimberley. Praise Malema!

All photos & video: Mike Chinner

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