Drill Hall Skate Space (Johannesburg)

The Drill Hall in Johannesburg, a former military base built on the remnants of a native prison, is now a public space that has history dating back to 1904. Our friend Quincy from One Love Skate Expo has been able to acquire the space to keep some obstacles and some area for the inner city youth to skate on a daily basis, creating a temporary skatepark in Johannesburg.

We paid a visit to Quincy and the kids to see what goes on and shoot a few photos and film some stuff. Check it out!

The Drill Hall is a dope public space in the middle of Johannesburg that our dude Quincy from One Love Skate Expo maintains. The locals are ripping and put a few down over this bump to ledge. #kdcskate #Johannesburg #southafrica #skateboarding #TF #africanskateboarding #africa #skatelife #mfdoom

Posted by Kimberley Diamond Cup on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The Drill Hall space is shared with football players on their DIY field during the day. The balls fly into the skate space, but everyone seems to get along.


BS 5050 on the box from Brains.


Quincy, the man who put it all together.


Kids of all ages occupy the space every day and are pushing!


Crooks on the box from Lucky.


Plenty of smiles to go around at the Drill Hall spot.



Homies a plenty.


Gabe Almonte, nose manny nollie flip.


Ollie bank to bank from young Terry.



Our boy Kgotso plays with fire and keeps the kids impressed.


Rad end to a night at the Drill Hall. Thanks to Quincy and company for having us.

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