Element Make It Count South Africa Qualifier At The Shred (Cape Town)


One of 29 qualifying events held all over the world, the Element Make It Count South Africa qualifier went down on Wednesday, 27 April at The Shred Skatepark in Cape Town and brought out several of the area’s top skaters to compete for a trip to Spain to film a part in the streets of Barcelona to be released on The Berrics.

In the end, Allan Adams took the top spot and the trip to Barca after an intense final round against Shuaib Philander, Jean Marc Johannes, Byron Rhoda, and Khule Ngubane. Congrats Allan! We can’t wait to see that part.

Check out some photos and video from the event here.


Dallas Oberholzer is a legend in the SA skate scene and has been repping Element for at least a decade, so it was fitting that he was the emcee for the day. He’s still out there ripping pools and ditches far and wide. Watch him destroy it in the Vans Parallel documentary here.


Horoblitz kills the hangover with a hop up to sugarcane.


Khule Ngubane, hurricane.


Kickflip crooks, go-to for Allan Adams.


Josh Chisholm cruising the course and putting down back smiths during the practice session.


Khule has got these pretty much every try. Some people just got it like that. Hardflip back lip.


Jean Marc Johannes, Cab flip lipslide for Bastien Salabanzi.


Allan Adams, bs 270 lipslide.


Congrats again, Allan, kill it out there!

All content: Mike Chinner

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