Field Trip: Kuruman Skatepark

We took the Kimberley skatepark February volunteers to the Kuruman Skatepark as a way of saying “thanks” for their help at the park. We got to hang out with some locals and tune in to another tucked away part of South Africa with a small, but blossoming skate scene. These guys are definitely “making something out of nothing” and doing all they can with what little resources are available to them.┬áTo donate to the Kuruman skateboarding scene, visit www.togetherweskate.org

Here’s some photos and video from our trip.



We brought along some extra gear to give away to the locals, so we figured Kamogelo, Osego, and Brendon could earn it by duking it out in a good ol’ fashioned game of skate.


Osego, shuvit.


Kamogelo fakie bigspins with a nice little view of the park in the background.


Kamogelo came up on a fresh complete for taking the game of skate!


Alec sizes down the set.


A few fresh stickers with make this tainted setup a little more fly…until they eventually scratch off.


Bakang Melokwe, or “Tooks”, as he’s known by the homies, is ‘the dude’ right now in Kuruman. This kid has been skating for less than 2 years and will blow your mind. There’s talented skaters coming out of all parts of the world these days, and Bakang is living proof. Kickflip.


Sam K in the mix.


Bakang was zorched from the sun and hours of skating on his fresh complete, but still came through with some sick footage.


Siphiwe, boardslide.


Bakang, crooks.


Shout out and big thanks to our top February skatepark volunteers: Samkelo Rashole, Alec Balie, Caleb Goa, and Siphiwe Kheshwa!


The extreme runners of the skatepark.


I can’t remember this kid’s name, but I let him ride my cruiser board while I wasn’t filming lines. He was a little squirly on it for a while, but loved it once he got used to it. 50-50.


This dude had a (supposedly venomous) snake stuck under the hood of his truck and struggled for a while to get him out. Once he finally got him out, he smashed in his lil’ snake skull and shortly after, put him out of his misery. Not a very happy (or fair) ending for poor, harmless, Mr. Snake.

Words, photos, and video by Chinner

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