Friday Night Lights & Mini Hood to Hood at Kumba Skate Plaza

We kicked off the weekend with a ‘za-filled Friday Night Lights courtesy of Panarotti’s Kimberley. They make sure we never leave the skatepark with an empty stomach on Friday nights. Pano’s hooked up the pies, and TQ Hobby Shop hooked up a R100 gift voucher for the raffle. We’re super fortunate to have a giving community of local businesses that support what we do at the skatepark. Thanks again, guys! Pizza was eaten, skating went down, and the kids rested for the Mini hood to Hood to go down the following day. With big money on the line, the dudes needed all the rest they could get.

Twenty-one skaters came out to compete in the Mini Hood to Hood contest under a scorching Kimberley sun. With a R2000 prize purse up for grabs, the locs were willing to rough it for a few hours. Seven solid teams were assembled, and  we saw some equally solid skating from all teams. Notably, The Pike Nightmares, comprised of Theo, Jino, and Brad, came out blazing. Some tricks worth mentioning were Brad’s kickflip into the quarter from the deck and Jino’s fs board down the big 4 rail. Theo also made skating look fun and easy, cruising around the park on his Ace Trucks, flawlessly. Other notable tricks were Kwabena Awuah’s ollie down the big 4, Darren Joseph’s inward heel up the Euro gap, and Alec Balie’s fs bigspins off the A-Frame. Damian Bramley was also cruising the course, sticking comfortably to the tranny obstacles, but definitely wasn’t scared to 180 the 5 stair or over the A-Frame rail. Everyone held it down in their own way, but unfortunately only 3 teams would go home with cash.

In the semifinals, KWAS fell only a few points behind advancing to the finals. However, they didn’t go home empty-handed. Disorganized Fun and The Pike Nightmares stepped it up and found themselves in the finals. In the end, The Pike Nightmares reigned victorious and went home with the R1000 cash prize.

Check out the results and photo gallery below. We’ll see you next week at the plaza!


Mini Hood to Hood Results

1- Pike Nightmares (R1000)

Theo Setsetse

Jino Modise

Brad Balie

2- Disorganized Fun (R600)

Darren Joseph

Damian Bramley

Alec Balie

3- KWAS (R400)

Martin Kotze

Jaydan Klaasen

Will Jenkins

Words & Photos: Chinner

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