Game of Skate at Kimberley Diamond Plaza

Kids love skating flat ground. It’s no surprise. It’s loved by skaters of all ages, but in particular, it’s more common to see a group of 16 year old kids playing S-K-A-T-E or skating flat on the flat bottom of your local mini ramp while the older guys are trying to catch some slash grinds.

Every month we host a Game of Skate competition to test the locals’ flatground skills and hook up some cool prizes to the skaters that place in the top 3. Standard prizes for a Game of Skate include a deck for first, wheels for second, and bearings for third. Not a bad exchange for 5 or 6 games of skate in total. The skaters love the prizes, but are more concerned with being crowned the Game of Skate king for the month. Some skaters take it REALLY seriously. It’s always good to see what tricks the locals have been working on over the past month and who travels from out of town to give the locals a run for their money. One thing in particular that isn’t all that hot is seeing the unnecessary back foot extension on a pop shuvit (you know, for extra steez). I’ll leave that subject alone before I write an essay on such horrid aesthetics.

To focus on the positive, local flatground fanatic and aspiring Game of Skate champ for over a year now, Dylan Niemand, FINALLY took first place. After several times of earning runner-up (or maybe not anywhere close to it), it’s rad to see his practice finally pay off (and to see him riding without a board with plastic tips on the end, finally.) Bloemfontein ripper Rudolph Odendaal came through with his crew as he does on almost a weekly basis to skate the park and check out the competitions. He effortlessly made his way to the finals but was taken out by up-and-coming local Alec Balie and Dylan in the finals. Check out the results below and photo gallery and we’ll see you next month for the Game of Skate at the Kimberley Diamond Plaza!


1) Dylan Niemand

2) Alec Balie

3) Rudolph Odendaal










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