Halloween At The Kumba Skate Plaza

Although Halloween may not be as widely celebrated in South Africa as it is in more Western Nations such as the US, South African youth still don’t sleep on the opportunity at dressing up and acting a fool once a year on All Hallow’s Eve.

Starting off the day with the Mini Rider Cup contest, we carried on into the evening with a pizza party and exclusive showing of Ghostbusters on the big screen to celebrate Halloween. Amazing skateboarding and good times ensued, just scroll below for the proof.

Mini Rider Cup Results

1. Team Boer (Alec Balie, Brad Balie, Darren Joseph, R1000)

2. CSA (Peter Hale, MJ Seleoane, Tshepiso Seleoane, R600)

3. Big Poppas (Depo Moholwane, Shane Clouts, Clinton Coetzee, R400)

Behind the photo: #halloween antics at the #kumbaskateplaza #kdcskate

Posted by Kimberley Diamond Cup on Sunday, November 1, 2015


Brad Balie handles a potential Kumba Skate Plaza NBD as he ollies from the Big 4 platform over the 5 stair to put his Rider Cup team into 1st place.

SkateparkMedia_2015_Halloween-1Team Big Poppaz, 3rd place in the Mini Rider Cup.


Shout out to Team CSA for coming in 2nd in the Mini Rider Cup contest.


Darren, Brad, and Alec destroyed it and rightfully took home R1000 for 1st place in the Mini Rider Cup team competition.


Once the lights came on, the park became completely full. Word must have gotten around about the pizza party that was about to happen.


Jaydan Klaasen as The Joker.


Life as a zombie ain’t so bad.


Zombies, everywhere!


Young Tshepiso fresh off a 2nd place win in the Mini Rider Cup cools off with a boardslide.


Those dressed up got 1st dibbs on the pizza.


The Kimberlaaities are introduced to Dr. Peter Venkman at the Ghostbusters screening.


Ain’t no stopping MJ. Tall 5050 for the homies.


The Joker and The Scream Guy are about to go at it.


The Kimberlaaities look on in suspense as Jaydan as the Joker attempts to escape the wrath of Will Meleng as The Scream Guy by way of pole jam. A Halloween sesh for the books at the Kumba Skate Plaza!

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