KDC African Tour: Maputo to Nelspruit

The crew checks out of Maputo and spends a day in Nelspruit before heading back to Cape Town  in the final batch of lifestyle shots from the KDC African Tour. Our guy Sam Clark snapped all the skate photos from the trip; maybe we’ll see some B shots that won’t make it to the Session article? Time will tell.

To see the rest of the photos from the trip, check part 1 here, part 2 here, and a recap of social media posts from the tour here.

Keep your eyes peeled for more content from the KDC African Tour soon!


Final day in Maputo. Karate session going down atop the hill spot. Don’t mess with the black belt. Hiya!


Bombing this hill was so fun that the walk up, although sometimes hellish, was worth it, every time. Juan can confirm.


Back to the city center one last time to take care of some business. Local children watch as the crew skates down the street.


“KFD boards are shap, neh?” Trae hooks up the local laaities with some slightly used gear.


Joubert brought along a fat box of AV DVDs. It’s safe to say that each Maputo skater now has issue 16-26.


A young Maputo City skater manuals on a fresh set of KFD wheels that Trae hooked him up with moments earlier. You should have seen what he was rolling on beforehand. This guy was definitely stoked.


Anton coming through with the stickerjob.


Whenever you think you’ve got it bad, just remember, there’s a dude somewhere out there in the world washing his laundry with sewage water.


Awesome final day in Mozambique! Group shot with the laaities and their new gear.


Spice, stoked to be back in South Africa and eating onion rings from Spur (although his facial expression may suggest otherwise).


We found a pretty rad ditch aside one of the main roads in Nelspruit. Cleaning duty commenced and Alan and Juan took charge.


Khule was there for moral support but saved himself for a more suitable spot for the wizardry.


I f you’d ever like to use a pay phone for nostalgic purposes, you can find some in Nelspruit,


Khule and Alan watch as Anton tries to hop onto one of the payphones. Security and concerned citizens were working against us so we called it quits. Not too sure what Alan was gesturing here.

Photos by Chinner

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