KDC African Tour: Mozambique

Scroll below for more photos from the colorful and ever photogenic Maputo City from the KDC African Tour.

Photos from Swaziland to Mozambique here.

See what went up on instagram during the trip here in case you weren’t staring at your phone.

We’ll have the remainder of the photos from the trip on our site tomorrow. Stay tuned for those and don’t forget about the upcoming articles in AV and Session Magazine documenting the trip to drop within the coming months.


Plenty of monuments to see around Maputo City.


Elisio guiding us to the next spot.


Protest happening in the city.


Joubert and Anton kicking it before heading out to skate.


Yep, Coke rules the world.


There were many smells that we’d rather sniff than the stench coming from this body of water. Good lord.


Anton and Trae spend some time with their new fans as Spice eyes the spot.


Beatlemania commenced as we packed up to head to the next spot.


And our new friends wish us farewell.


One of the few skateboarding-related adverts we saw in Maputo City.


Although the whole ‘woman carrying things on her head’ thing may be a cliche means of portraying life in African cities, it is still incredibly impressive to see, every time. When’s the last time you saw one a lady drop something that she was carrying on her head? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


Our man Elephant Foot followed us from the market for a few blocks in search of a few spare metecais from the crew. He eventually forgot what he was doing and started  yelping and dancing the pain away.


Intense dance off between Elephant Foot and Trae.


Juan Smit works for his tricks. Sometimes harder than others.


Our boy Teotonio is another local Maputo skater that is documenting the scene.

Photos by Chinner


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