KDC African Tour: Swaziland to Mozambique

The KDC African Tour wrapped up in mid August as Josh Chisholm, Trae Rice, Alan Marola, Anton Roux, Khule Ngubane, and roadie Juan Smit trekked through Swaziland, Mozambique, and South Africa looking for anything skateable in their path.

While the skate photos will remain on the hard drive for a little while until they’re released in Session Magazine later on this year, we’ve got some lifestyle/behind the scenes photos from the journey to hold you down for a little while. Check out¬†the first batch below.

In case you missed it, check out the #KDCAfricanTour social media feed post here for some instagram photos and videos from the trip. Stay tuned for more content from the KDC African Tour.


Rural villages in South Africa near the Swaziland border.


Spice, out for the count.


A few feats went down on this thing.


These 2 guys were swaggin’ hard outside of the cell phone shop. Those kits were so good that I couldn’t let the moment go undocumented. It’s pretty insane how much American hip hop culture has made an impact on the rest of the world.


Uncle Juan takes care of some yogurt during our hold up at the Mozambique border.


Khule ponders what line he’s got for this scenic Maputo City ledge spot, and possibly more.


Elisio, our tour guide for part of the trip, handling his social media game.


Spice, probably about to say something absurd to make us laugh.


The cathedral in Maputo City centre was the go-to warmup spot and serves as the main point of gathering for Maputo skaters. Many games of S.K.A.T.E were played atop this stair set.


Trae waits in traffic to get in a few tries on the stump spot.


As Trae was trying his trick, 100+ school kids gathered on the block to join in on the excitement. Skateboarding is still young and not as popular in Mozambique, so people were intrigued at what was happening pretty much everywhere we went. Here’s Anton giving skate lessons to some of the school kids.


School actually stopped while Trae was going for it. Skateboarding was prioritized over the curriculum on this Tuesday morning.


Young Ali was ready to bust on anyone who got in Trae’s way.


Trae gets the trick and the crowd goes berzerk. Knucks all around for Malibu.


Spice, ready to yell at Craig to turn up “Ramondetta’s Song” and hit the next spot.

Continued tomorrow in part 2.

Photos by Chinner

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