KDC Grand Slam Regional Qualifiers: Durban Event Info

The final KDC Grand Slam Regional Qualifiers event is going down on 27 June at Bay of Plenty Beach incorporated into DBN X Fest 2015.

Included in the event will be the Rider Cup teams competition in which (maximum) 12 4-man teams will go head to head to compete for a slot in the Rider Cup Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup this October 7-10. The other two categories will beTopGrom (Ages 13-) and Open Div. (Ages 14+).

Along with the winning Rider Cup team, the top 5 previously unqualified skaters in each the TopGrom and Open Div. will be awarded spots in their respective divisions.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 skaters in each category and the winning Rider Cup team will also split a handsome sum. More info below.

Peep the schedule here:

KDC GS RQ DBN X FST SMP 800x800 02 - Schedule

Yep, we’re gonna have a setup on the beach. Bring your trunks for the beach bash.


Check out what went down at last year’s event at Moses Mabhida Stadium:

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