KDC – Rider Cup Championships 2015 Recap

The best crews in South Africa battled it out for the Rider Cup 2015 Championship. The course was divided up into sections with different crew members in each team representing for their crew on that particular section. Overall performances were accumulated to determine who grabbed the top spot.

The top 3 teams were:

1. Akam R10000
Alan Marola, Khule Ngubane, Brandon Valjalo, Allan Adams

2. 2 Traes, 1 Cup R5000
Trae Rice, Joshua Chisholm, Kanya Spani, Yann Horowitz

3. Durban Dirtbags R2500
George van Blerk, Braxton Haine, Kalvyn Macmillan, Thariq Makuyi
KDC2015__JVS5571_Photo Jansen van Staden KDC2015__JVS5575_Photo Jansen van Staden KDC2015__JVS5588_Photo Jansen van Staden KDC2015__JVS5600_Photo Jansen van Staden KDC2015__JVS5621_Photo Jansen van Staden KDC2015__JVS5624_Photo Jansen van Staden KDC2015__JVS5645_Photo Jansen van Staden KDC2015__JVS5667_Photo Jansen van Staden

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