2015 KDC South African Championships & Top Grom Championships: List of Qualified Skaters

Here’s the list of all skaters who have qualified to compete in the KDC South African Championships and TopGrom Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup this October 7-10. Stay tuned to this page for updates following each event.

To keep everyone up to speed, Skateboarding for Hope (SFH) Presented by Vans events yield 1 qualified skater in each TopGrom and Open Divisions. KDC Grand Slam Regional Qualifier events send through the top 5 previously unqualified skaters in each division to the finals in October.

Basically, what that means, is that if a skater wins a wildcard entry in a SFH event, and he should place again in another event, the wildcard entry will go on to the next previously unqualified skater.

Skaters that have won or placed in any KDC event this year that are skating in the pro division also will hand their spot down to the next placing, previously unqualified skater.

Check out the SFH schedule here and the KDC Grand Slam schedule here to see what dates you have left to try your luck at making the cut. Still plenty of spots left up for grabs.

Got it? Check the list of qualified skaters below.

KDC Grand Slam Cape Town


Yann Horowitz

Kanya Spani

Alan Marola

Allan Adams

Dean Marais

Rider Cup


Alan Marola

Allan Adams

Khule Ngubane

Moses Adams

Midway Mayhem


Michael Stylianou

Moeng Landella

Ashton Banwell

Mvelo Skuni

Reabetswe Itebogeng


Josh Chisholm

Stefan Jacobs

Byron Rhoda

Kyle Trusky

Enwin Gellant

Rider Cup

Two Traes One Cup

Trae Rice

Josh Chisholm

Kanya Spani

Yann Horowitz

KDC Grand Slam Johannesburg


Jamie Gruller

Aiden Searle

Dario Galletti

Mark Hendricks

Sandile Makhaba

Open Division

Jeremy Stone

Brendan Dyamond

Taylor Sturgess

Damian Bramley

Evan Binge

Rider Cup

Team Pavement Specials

Shuaib Philander

Taylor Sturgess

Anthony De Mendonca

Adam Woolf

KDC Grand Slam Durban


Tristan Mclellan

Jeremy Lawrence

Tyrese Pillay

Alex Grobler

Siluleko Cele

Open Div.

Braxton Haine

Kalvyn McMillan

Trent Sloan

Brandon Ramos

George van Blerk

Rider Cup

Durban Dirtbags

Braxton Haine

George van Blerk

Kalvyn McMillan

Thariq Makry

SFH Brightwater

TopGrom- Brian Stylianou

Open Div.- Brandon Valjalo

SFH Stoneridge

TopGrom- Jamie de Villiers

Open Div.- Daniel Miltiadou

SFH Somerset West

TopGrom- Joel Niemark

Open Div.- Andrew Nero

SFH George

TopGrom- Aya Gericke Smith

Open Div.- Shuaib Philander

SFH Langebaan

TopGrom- Tyler Kammies

Open Div.- Quentin Mooiman

SFH Menlyn

TopGrom- Boipelo Olisamaka

Open Div.- Etienne LE Roux

SFH Canal Walk

Open Div. – Karl van Antwerp

TopGrom – Devandre Gellant

Top Grom Additional 5 Compensating for Cape Town Grand Slam

Callen Green

Fidel Smith

Sebastian Desantos

Demitri Blauw

Rhys Flor

Kimberley Last Minute Qualifiers

Open Div.

Warrick Delport

Brad Balie

Siphiwe Keshwa


Caleb Goa

Lincoln Coetzee

Tshepiso Seleoane

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