Kimberlaaities Tour: De Aar Skatepark

The last stop of the Kimberlaaities Tour found the crew at De Aar Skatepark, which can be found conveniently on the way from Cape Town to Kimberley, just 3 hours outside of the diamond city. Here’s some photos from the last stop of the trip, including photos from the park and a few quick clips from Martin Kotze, Darren Joseph, Brad Balie, and Will Meleng.

We’ve still got more content yet to come from the trip, stay tuned! For now, here’s more from the Kimberlaaities Tour:

Meet the Laaities

King’s Beach Skatepark


The guys warming up.


Alec, Marty, and Will on deck.


This rail is a little tricky, as the rail throws you right into the remainder of the bank, but Will took care of this nosegrind no problem.


Looks funky, but this one was the make. Darren with a 5050.


There’s a nice hill adjacent to the skatepark that allows a nice view of the whole town. A quick 10-15 minute hike up and you’re good. Still physically taxing if you’re out of shape, but definitely manageable.


Will and Marty, on the rocks.


Will living dangerously (kinda).


Erwin reflecting on the trip.


Great end to an awesome trip with an awesome crew. Stay tuned for more from the Kimberlaaities Tour!

Photos/words: Chinner

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