Kimberlaaities 2015 Youth Tour: Johannesburg Part 1

The Kimberlaaities 2015 Tour made way on 1 July, 2015 on a week-long trip across the country with only skateboarding and good times on the agenda. The Kimberlaaities are the local Kimberley, South Africa skaters who are ripping skaters with great potential both on and off of their skateboards.

This is the second year that we were able to treat some of our local skaters to a cross-country skate trip, and this year we chose to hit the East Coast via Guateng and back to Kimberley via Bloemfontein. The crew consisted of Damian Bramley, Jaydan Klaasen, Samkelo Rashole, Siphiwe Keshwa, Charles Shepherd, Martin Kotze behind the lens, and myself as the video guy.

Most of us have been fortunate enough to travel South Africa and see the better part of the country, but for the 3 Musketeers (Charles, Samkelo, & Siphiwe), it was their first time out of the Northern Cape and seeing how people live in the rest of the country. This was as exciting for myself to expose them to other parts of the country as I’m sure it was for them to experience it. Overwhelmed by the scenery, skate spots, and beautiful women that this country has to offer, the Musketeers cherished every moment spent on the trip. Although maybe the Musketeers were the most impressed by the chance to go on the trip, no one in the van took that week for granted.

Check out the photos to see what we got into in Johannesburg and stay tuned for part 2 from Joburg tomorrow. We’ll be dropping photos from the trip each day this week until the video lands on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled!

Kimberlaaities 2015: Siphiwe Keshwa Library Gardens LineSiphiwe stomps through the debris like a G in this quick line at Library Gardens in #johannesburg on the #Kimberlaaities Youth Tour.Siphiwe got his first skateboard at our Skateboarding for Hope event in Kimberley back in 2013 and has shown no signs of slowing down since.Full video from the Kimberlaaities trip will be on our site this Friday.#kdcskate #librarygardens #jozi #jhb #southafrica #africa

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The #Kimberlaaities getting a few in at the #oneloveskateexpo TF in #maboneng a few days back. Thanks Quincy for showing us around!#kdcskate #johannesburg

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Kimberlaaities route

This was the route that was more or less destined for the Kimberlaaities trip. We started off early morning in Kimberley on Wednesday, 1 July, and made our way towards Johannesburg.


First stop was Library Gardens AKA LBGs, a JHB staple spot and a must-skate when in the city. Here’s us making a new friend at the spot (sorry man, forgot your name!).


Kimberlaaities from left to right: Siphiwe Keshwa, Samkelo rashole, Charles Shepherd, Damian Bramley, and Jaydan Klaasen. These lucky guys were the chosen ones who were asked to join us on our week-long excursion across SA.


Skating through the city at night: no better feeling.


Van life begins, and Jaydan lays down some ground rules with Charles. “If you fart once more, I’ll have to moer you, ne?!”


Head down Albertina Sisulu Rd. in Johannesburg and you’re bound to find the spot.


Driving through Johannesburg always presents great photo opportunities.


Quick stop at Homegrwn Skateshop in Maboneng to snag some boards. Here’s the crew standing outside; intimidated to go in and mingle with the big dogs.


Our good friend Wandile Msomi runs the joint.


Charles having a word with his new pal, Quincy.


Good times at the dinner table with the Homegrwn & One Love crews. Other than Charles spilling his drink over on the count of Samkelo’s clumsiness, the meal was a hit.


Quincy hooked us up with his friends at Curiocity Backpackers in Maboneng. They put up with us for 2 nights and even gave us a few bucks off for bringing in a large group. Definitely check them out for an affordable, enjoyable night’s stay when in the city.


Day 2. Quincy and the crew took us to their indoor spot in Maboneng, only a few blocks from the backpackers.


Damian works with limited space and nails a frontside air.


Jaydan with a back lip on a big purple hunk of steel.


On to the next spot. Nice view of Hillbrow in the distance.


Our friend Quincy is into this longboarding thing and he took us to a nearby hill where him and his crew do their thing. We only expected to see the hill and turn around only to head to the next spot, but little did we know that Quincy and the gang came equipped with spare boards and safety equipment for the whole crew. Here’s Siphiwe enjoying some X-Treme speed on a windy, curved road in a rich Johannesburg suburb.


Charles is still recovering from an injury, so he didn’t get too much skating in on the trip. He had the energy to slide and glide on these skateboards, however.


Although the kids left the sesh with a newfound respect for downhill skateboarding and the speed and calculations involved, after 30 minutes they were ready to move on to the next spot and make use of their tails on their “short boards”. Thanks to Quincy and the gang for showing us around for the day!

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.

Photos by Martin Kotze

Words by Chinner

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