Kimberley Streets: 35mm Film

We just got some 35mm film developed from a few days out and about in the Kimberley streets. While we’ve always got the DSLR handy, it was fun to dust off the Minolta and see what the results would yield.

On a side note, it was satisfying to get the Kimberlaaities out of the comfort of the confines of the skatepark and discover the streets of Kimberley as a group. Pushing around and seeing what happens is what it’s all about; now get out there and do it yourselves!


Martin and Wandile hanging out at one of Kimberley’s staple street spots on the university campus, better known to the locals as “Ledges.”


Damian and Samkelo perched on top of the remnants of a building in the surrounding Kimberley township of Homevale.


Happy belated birthday and much love to Lalla.


It was pretty awesome to see Skateboarding among record books of other activities that are keeping Kimberley youth off the streets.


The Homevale homies make it happen with what they’ve got. They aren’t always able to make it to the skatepark so you can often find them hopping fences and skating schoolyards in Homevale.


Not really sure who this guy was.


The crew contemplates the next spot.


The best part about skating street and rolling through any city is the crazy people you’ll meet along the way. This guy had the kids going crazy with his dance moves.


Kimberley street kids.


Solid end to a day out on the Kimberley streets. They aren’t as smooth and the spots aren’t as plentiful, but it’s always good to get the kids out and exploring the city as a crew.

Photos: Mike Chinner

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