Kumba Skate Plaza Bank To Wall Face Off

This weekend for the first time ever, we had a Bank To Wall Face Off contest. Local skaters who particularly enjoy skating transitions were ecxited to be a part of this one. The contest rules were pretty simple and straight forward, put down your best trick on the wall and stand a chance to emerge victorious. We had 2 skaters go head to head for 3 minutes given 2 rounds each, with just 2 chances to put 3 minutes into good use we saw some of the craziest tricks, attempts and bails go down. Check out the results and some photos below.

                Damian Bramley putting down a solid backside disaster.
                                Natalie Bramley writing down some notable stunts while Moeng handles the time.
Siphiwe Keshwa stepped off his comfort zone to put down this kickflip frontside wall ride for 2nd place.
Thabang Tsillo taking a breather before coming back from a nose stall
Mvelo Skuni, one of the only few kids in the park to drop in to the vert ramp enjoys skating transition. Rock ‘n Roll Mvelo.
                       Laid back frontside Rock
Winners from left to right Thabang Tsillo (3dr Place), Siphiwe Keshwa (2nd Place) and Damian Bramley (1st PLace)
Following the madness of the Bank To Wall, our Weekly Skate Lessons took place as usual and Rosswel came with intentions to drop in, Siphiwe assits.
                                                                                             Need to stay hydrated


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