Kumba Skate Plaza To Reopen Saturday, 8 October!

Update from World Skateboarding / Kimberley Diamond Cup:
Kumba Skate Plaza to Reopen Tomorrow, 8 October!
As many of you know, WSGP has been working diligently in trying to get Northern Cape Provincial Government to fix the neglected transformers for almost two months now. Today we finally received an email from The Department of Public Works that the transformers are cleaned up and safe. We still have no confirmation that the transformers were fixed but based upon the letter Public Works designating that the transformers are safe and any and all fire hazard or explosive possibilities have been alleviated, we are thrilled to announce the reopening of the park effect tomorrow, Saturday October 8th.
Although this skatepark closure could have been easily avoided, we are excited to finally be able to open it. Thanks to everyone for their patience and we’ll see you at the park!
– World Skateboarding Grand Prix

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