Kumba Skate Plaza: This Weekend in Photos

Cloudy skies graced the semi-desert region of Kimberley throughout the course of the weekend, which is usually not a good sign for skaters. In a region of the world where precipitation is scarce for the better part of the year, rain is a blessing to many. For those trying to ride their skateboards; not so much. Friday and Sunday’s weather were no problem, but Saturday, our busiest day, was a definite struggle. We managed to pull through with our scheduled events, despite a few setbacks that were brought forth by rain.

I’ll put aside the weather banter- usually saved for awkward go-to conversations with neighbors, acquaintances, grandparents, and spouses of 30+ years and get to the skate photos. Check out what went down this past weekend at the Kumba Skate Plaza in Kimberely, South Africa. Results for the A-Frame Best Trick, Kimberley Skate League, and more can be found below as well.


Manuals aren’t exactly the easiest to learn…Probably one of the most frustrating tricks to learn. In the beginners division of Kimberley Skate League (KSL), this is one of the four challenges.


 KSL’s slalom challenge is an attempt to familiarize the young guns with some of skateboarding’s earliest competitive elements…


And usually gets the guys stoked!


Another KSL beginners level challenge, the “Drop Challenge”, simply tests whether you can roll off of a ledge without eating chowder. Simple enough for the average beginner, still learning to ollie. Tyler had each obstacle no problem.


These dudes are most likely to be featured in a podium photo after any given weekly competition. Damian Bramley, Jon Alan Horseman, Enrique Ortell, and Brad Balie made up the winning team for the KSL advanced division. Did you really think you were gonna take these dudes out?


 The KSL beginners winners- Oratile Modise, Steadson Majoro, Bebans Aaron, and Peter Hale.


 A few of the guys pictured here are always looking to get into a photo, so after I took my podium shots, I let them share the spotlight.


 Blayne started off the A-Frame Best Trick off with several double flip attempts. He didn’t quite nail it, but got close several times so I figured he deserved a spot on the blog.  After all, some of your favorite skate photos were secretly (or maybe not) bails.


Kaone, at a mere 7 years old, kinda had a hard time grasping the concept of the A-Frame Best Trick. That didn’t stop him from trying. As long as he’s skating fast and powersliding, he’s having a good time.


Hella fools.


Damian with a nice looking ollie to flat.


After a minute of what ended up being theatrics, I wasn’t sure if Siphiwe was really hurt or putting on a show. He definitely was putting on a show, but he’s a tough dude.


DBH came through with a front lip.


 A-Frame Beginners div. winners: 3rd- Moeng Landella, kickflip off side (R100), 1st- Romano Lucas- Nollie 360 shuvit (R200), 2nd- Eudene Damoese- kickflip off big launch (R100).


 Brad came through, as he never fails to, with double flip AND fakie ollie to flat. That earned him first and R400, with Dillon Hartzenberg in 2nd for his fs lip and Will Jenkins in 3rd for his nollie inward heel. The Advanced div. jam was fire!


We started Sunday off with our free skate lesson program, “Skate Lesson Sundays”. Here Siphiwe teaches Carlin how to ollie. Carlin only had sandals to wear but that didn’t stop him.


 Samkelo works with his group here. I witnessed a great deal of progression within only an hour today.


Steadson learned to kickflip and to quit pushing mongo in one hour.  Both are milestones in any young, misguided skaters career.


Siphiwe, spreading the stoke. Thank you skateboarding.

Words and photos: Chinner

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