Kumba Skate Plaza Weekend Update: Best Line Contest

Last weekend at the Kumba Skate Plaza, we held the best line, or “Lord of the Lines” contest for the local skaters. The beginners were hyped to get involved and try something new and the OG’s were equally as excited, because there was a deck on the line, of course.

In the end, Martin Kotze’s line consisting of a kickflip manual down the manny pad, smith stall on the bank to ledge, and noseslide up the Pier 7 ledge from flat ended up landing him first in the contest.

Thanks to all the skaters who entered and thanks to Boogaloos for hooking up the prizes! Results, photos, and video clip below.


1. Tshepiso Seleoane

2. Peter Hale

3. Shandene Clouts


1. Martin Kotze

2. Alec Balie

3. Jaydan Klaasen


It’s been a while since Boipelo has been at the skatepark and she was really excited to skate again! Here’s Boipelo waiting to drop in on her run.


Tshepiso seals the deal with a boardslide down the 3 stair ledge.


Great to have Oratile back at the skatepark. Here’s a frontside 180 from the energetic, little ripper.


Mvelo riding the bank to wall for all the #women out there


Siphiwe with a noseslide on the Pier 7 ledge.


Beginners div. winners from left to right: Tshepiso Seleoane (1st), Shandene Klouts (3rd), and Peter Hale (2nd).



Advanced div. winners from left to right: Alec Balie (2nd), Martin Kotze (1st), and Jaydan Klaasen (3rd).


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