Kumba Skate Plaza Weekend Update: Mini Ramp Session, Game Of Skate, And More

Every weekend we hold our weekly Vert Fridays skate clinic on either the mini ramp or the vert ramp and give the kids a chance to pad up and work on their transition skills. This week in particular we hit the mini ramp and were joined by a small but enthusiastic crew. Mvelo, Thabang, Wadu, Brian, and a few others were keen to roll around and learn a few new things. Check the video and below for a few highlights from the sesh.

On Saturday we held a Game of Skate and gave the kids a shot to win some rather decent prizes. The Game of Skate is a favorite of many of the local skaters and several of them look forward to putting their flatground skills to work and of course a shot at possibly winning a deck. In the end, Will Meleng took top honors and went home with a fresh pair of Vans shoes. Damian Bramley and Kagiso Visagie came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, and ended up leaving with some cool gear. Check out the results and a few photos from the Game of Skate below.

Game of Skate Results

1. Will Meleng

2. Damian Bramley

3. Kagiso Visagie

Friday afternoon #miniramp fun with the #Kimberlaaities at the #kumbaskateplaza in #Kimberley #southafrica #kdcskate

Posted by Kimberley Diamond Cup on Monday, February 8, 2016


On to the mini ramp for our weekly Vert Fridays clinic.


Mvelo scratches some coping frontside.


Wadu pads up and backs up Mvelo, backside.


Good times with Mvelo, Wadu, and Brian on the mini ramp!


Alec Balie puts down a fakie nosegrind on the ledge before heading home.


Jaydan Klaasen with a switch fs 5-0 revert.


Onto Saturday for the Game of Skate contest. Here’s Stephen snapping a hardflip.


Damian Bramley scoops an impossible, a trick that gave letters to literally everyone he went against.


Will Jenkins with a nollie tre.


Kagiso puts the nail in the coffin and takes out Will with this frontside flip.


Will Meleng ninja kicks a double flip.


Mohudi volunteers to take score.


Damian, Will, and Kagiso roshambo for first go in the finals.


In the end, Will took Damian out with this nollie varial heelflip.


Congrats to our Game of Skate finalists: Damian Bramley (2nd), Will Meleng (1st), and Kagiso Visagie (3rd).

Photos & words: Mike Chinner