Kumba Skate Plaza Weekend Update: Mini Rider Cup, Damian Pulls A Caballerial, & More

The weekend kicked off with our weekly transition-oriented skate clinic, Vert Fridays. Highlights include an almost drop in from Mvelo and a definite caballerial make from Damian. Damian also put his fear of fakie ollies to rest and put down several during the session. Check the video below for the proof. We were later joined by our friends Stuart Walker and Armand Oelofse from Bloemfontein and proceeded skated until we were over it; and still make it to Panarottis just in time to order some pies to go. Solid Friday.

Saturday brought forward the Mini Rider Cup competition in which teams of 3 skaters skated head to head for a shot at our R2000 prize purse, a pretty penny for a local contest. In the end, Team Boer consisting of Alec & Brad Balie and Darren Joseph took down The Cool Catz (Damian Bramley, Siphiwe Keshwa, and Jaydan Klaasen) and The Ramp Tramps (Martin Kotze, Stuart Walker, and Armand Oelofse). It was a close but well deserved victory for Team Boer. The Kimberley kids are hungrier than ever, and it becomes more apparent every year as we approach the KDC main event.

The weekend ended off with our Skate Lesson Sundays weekly free skate clinic. Thanks to our youth volunteers Mvelo and Oreokame for pitching in and helping out with the clinic! Bring your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc if you’re in the area!

Check out some photos and video from the weekend below.

Props to Kimberley vert ripper Damian Bramley for nailing his first caballerial today at the #kumbaskateplaza vert ramp!#kdcskate

Posted by Kimberley Diamond Cup on Friday, July 24, 2015


Six 3-man teams came out to represent on Saturday at the Mini Rider Cup.


It’s impressive to see Thabang’s skills improve over the last few months. It seems like only last week he could barely stand on the thing. Now he’s standing up on 5050s on the quarter.


Stuart Walker has been perfecting his back Ds on his own backyard ramp in Bleomfontein. Here he takes one to the big quarter at the Kumba Skate Plaaz.


Erwin and Warrick held things down in the judges department.


Brad Balie, 5-0.


Samkelo with a first-try noseslide.


Alec Balie, back tail.


Stu with a frontboard to fakie.


Damian powers through an ollie down the 4.


Siphiwe takes care of a backside grind down the hubba.


3rd place, The Ramp Tramps. Left to right: Stuart Walker, Martin Kotze, Armand Oelofse.


2nd place, Team Cool Catz. Left to right: Jaydan Klaasen, Damian Bramley, and Siphiwe Keshwa.


Team Boer coming through in first place. Left to right: Darren Joseph, Brad Balie, and Alec Balie.


Time to pad up for an injury free session at our weekly Skate Lesson Sundays skate clinic.


Mom steps in to make sure the kneepads are secure.


Mvelo (orange shirt) has only been on the board for about a year himself, but he’s got enough skill to pass on the torch to his skate lesson students.


Mvelo explains how to roll in on the bank without getting busted.


The Kumba Skate Plaza, a family affair. Notice the unique flair on each of the twins to help mom tell them apart. That Speed Racer beanie is tough!


Oreokame pitches in to help this young lady with her vert skills.


The session ended off with plenty of rock to fakies and tail stalls on the mini. Until next week, Kimberley.

Photos by Chinner & Erwin Lyon

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