Kumba Skate Plaza Weekend Update: Skarts & Crafts, Friday Night Lights, And More

As a way of thanking our local skaters for ruling it so hard each and every month, we host a pizza party at the last Friday of every month on KDC’s bill and enjoy a session under the lights. Pizzas were eaten, soda was drank, and good times were had by all as we enjoyed a session under the lights until 10pm. We saw some big airs from SA Vert champ Damian Bramley, an ollie down the 5 stair from KDC SA Women’s Championships runner up Boipelo Awuah, and plenty additional ripping from our talented local skaters.

On Saturday, we stepped off the board and saved our legs for a few hours while putting our creativity to the test for our “Skarts & Crafts” activity. Using old Session Magazines and poster paper, the kids cut and pasted their favorite images onto a poster and made their own unique collage. At first, many of the kids (especially the older guys) were a little too cool to join, however, after everyone saw how much fun their peers were having, kids of all ages were down to get involved and make their own masterpiece.

Check out some photos from the weekend’s events below and make sure to check out our calendar page here to see what we’re up to on a weekly basis at the Kumba Skate Plaza!


We kicked the weeked off with Friday Night Lights monthly pizza party, our way of giving back to the Kimberlaaities and Kimberladies.


Best buds Mvelo and Thabang enjoy a slice.


Erwin announces an impromptu contest on the 5 stair for a extra slice of pizza.


Brad nailed a kickflip down the 5 with no hassles for the extra slice!


Kimberley’s first lady and 2015 KDC South African Women’s Street Championships runner up Boipelo Awuah puts down an ollie down the 5 stair.


Boipelo and Kwabena Awuah, siblings of shred.


Damian Bramley blasts one backside.


Class clown Will Meleng shuts down the sesh.


Every now and then at the Kumba Skate Plaza we host “Skarts & Crafts”, an activity where we allow the children to makes their own skate-related creations. In the past, we’ve done art on recycled skateboards, drawings, and paintings. This time, the children made their own collage using images from Session Magazines.


The kids get down to work and search for the right photos to throw in their collage.


We started to see some pretty cool stuff early on in the session.


Time to get pasting.


Kagiso cuts up a photo of Gustavo Servin shot during last year’s KDC.


Enrique wraps up his masterpiece.


Cousins Mohudi and MJ Seleoane put in some serious effort into their collages. They were the first to start and the last to finish, and the end results shows it:


MJ’s work.


Mohudi’s piece, filled with laughs.


This talented young lady blew us away with her drawing. There’s something for everyone to do at the Kumba Skate Plaza, both on and off the board. See you next week!

All content: Mike Chinner

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