Kumba Skate Plaza Weekend Update: Stacks For Stunts Recap & More

The Stacks for Stunts Skate Jam went down on 17 January, 2015 and brought forward over 30 local skaters to compete for their share of a R2000 prize purse. The format was quite simple, we called out the tricks, and the first skater to land each trick earned a certain amount of cash. The course was split into four sections and there were 3 prize amounts up for grabs with each cash amount yielding more difficult tricks: R20, R50, and R100. The format got a little hectic at times because the park was flooded with 30 kids trying the same trick on the same obstacle, but it made it all the more fun.

One of the more exciting parts of the contest was seeing the guys going for tricks they’ve never done before. A definite highlight was the execution of the feeble stall to fakie and a pivot to fakie (both tricks of which he’d never previously landed) by Brendon Molema. The park went nuts. Some of the other standouts that took home more cash than others included Martin Kotze, Siphiwe Kheswa, Damian Bramley, Alec Balie, and Brad Balie. We’ve got a insta-video along with a couple photos from the event that can be seen below.

We closed the weekend off with a filming session with Siphiwe and Damian on Sunday afternoon. The park was a little less crowded than the previous day, which called for a little extra room to roam around and get some lines. We shot a few photos from that session which can also be seen below. Next weekend we’ve got a stacked weekend including the vert contest, the Mini Rider Cup, and Skate Lesson Sundays. Check back soon for more coverage from events at the Kumba Skate Plaza and more! While you’re at it, be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and Instagram




Erwin gives the rundown on the specs for Stacks for Stunts.


Brendon Molema was one of the MVPs of the Stacks for Stunts contest, for sure. Call him TJ Rogers. He even learned a few new tricks, fo’ the love of money.


Sam K blurs through on a noseslide.


Way to go young blood, gettin’ paid, gettin’ paid!


Thanks to all the locals who gave it a go at Stacks for Stunts! It was carnage. I’m sure the kids are already looking forward to the next one.


Sunday was a mellow day, so we used it as an opportunity to pull out the cameras. Here’s Erwin filming Damian boardslide the 4 stair rail, the first trick in his line.


He didn’t leave empty-handed.


Siphiwe AKA “Kasi Nyjah” with a bs 5-0 while Erwin films on.


Frontside air for Damian.


Mvelo isn’t super fluent in English, but he’s coming along quite well. He knows how to ask me for a banana, because he knows I’m always packin’.


The crew checks out Erwin’s GoPro footy on the ipad before wrapping up the session.

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