Kumba Skate Plaza Weekend Update: Vert Fridays, Mini Rider Cup & More

Another top notch weekend at the plaza. We kicked Friday off with a vert clinic and contest on the vert ramp. Frontside kickturns can be a bit intimidating, especially if you learned them frontside initially. No fear that some prizes couldn’t help one overcome. Damian came out on top, as expected, but Shandene was in a close second. Will we have another up and coming vert skater on the scene? Time will tell.

The Mini Rider Cup went down on Saturday. Seven 3-man teams showed up hoping to come out on top, or at least in the top 3. We had R2000 cash on the line, so the level of skating was on-point. We saw some bangers from Team Illuminati, notably Jaydan Klaasen’s back lips down the A-Frame rail and near makes on a back lip down the 4 stair rail. Next time, Jaydan! Team Skateaholics was on point, with  consistent skating from Damian Bramley, Alec Balie, and Darren Joseph. Skateaholics came out on top, taking the R1000 cash prize, with Illuminati in second. Team Oreo trailed in third with Jon Alan Horseman, Tebogo van Rooi, and Clinton Coetzee taking home R400 between the three of them.

We had a small but tight crew for our skate clinic on Skate Lesson Sundays. With all younger participants, some of our first time skaters were as young as 2 years old! With children at ages 2-6, comprehension skills weren’t completely developed, but we made do and everyone had a good time.

View the photos and a few video clips from the weekend below!

We started the weekend off with our weekly vert clinic followed by a highest FS kickturn contest. Here’s Shandene going for it.


Enrique Ortell.

 Peter padding up.

 Peter going for it.

 Congrats to the highest FS kickturn finalists Shandene, Aiden, Enrique, and Damian!

On to the Mini Rider Cup contest. The Kimberley locals are always looking forward to this one. A chance to throw down in front of the homies and a shot at some decent cash.


Jino Modise, bs 5-0.


Alec Balie, fakie ollie to sw 5050.


Charles taking a breather.


Clinton Coetzee, feeble grind.


Tebogo van Rooi ollie over the rail for Team Oreo.


Jaydan Klaasen, back lip for Team Illuminati.


Congrats to team Skateaholics comprised of Damian Bramley, Darren Joseph, and Alec Balie for taking home first place and the R1000 cash prize!


Congrats to our finalists at the Mini Rider Cup contest!


On to Sunday for our Skate Lesson Sundays coaching clinic. We had some of our youngest participants ever at Skate Lesson Sundays, one in particular at 2 years of age! Check out a few more shots from the clinic.





Good times with the laaties! Until next week.

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