Last Week in Pictures

Last week brought in lots of folks from out of town and lots of action to the skatepark. We had a visit from the SABC; the launch of the Kimberley Skateboarding League for the locals here. We had a best line contest along with prizes and giveaways, and to top it off we have a brand new logo and site to showcase the happenings of the Kimberley Skate Plaza.

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Browse through the following photos for a glimpse of a standard week at the Kimberley Skate Plaza.


Time to tape the GoPro to my board for some interactive action. The tape held well enough for me to get some slash grinds in for their segment.


The SABC traveled to the skatepark to film a segment for “Vaya Mzansi”,  a travel show that follows two motorcycle enthusiasts as they travel South Africa visiting various tourist destinations along their way.


Boipelo Awuah, one of Kimberleys up and coming skaters, not to mention one of Kimberley’s few female skaters, tries her luck at the “Longest Launch” competition.


Pictured here are from left to right, Erwin of Kuruman, Nkululeko aka “Mystery Man” of Mafikeng, and Olariyon of Kuruman. Ripping skaters with solid heads on their shoulders. It was good seeing these dudes, always a pleasure.


Jon-Alan tries his luck at the highest kickturn contest.


The “Vert Fridays” vert clinic always attracts a big crowd and encourages newcomers to roll around on the “pike”.


Went to Swift Print to check on the samples for the KDC scrim, it’s looking good!
I’m stoked to see what the final product will be like.


A few of my sidekicks stretching it out.


Members of the Kuruman crew each threw some money together for a spot in the taxi (pictured behind them) in search of a good time at the Kimberley Plaza. Several of them were first-timers and they were so stoked that they barely got left behind because they didn’t want to leave. Big ups to the Kuruman skaters- these guys are progressing super fast and have a promising future.


Shot this photo earlier in the week of Martin Kotze blasting a nice ollie on the A-Frame. Ripping skater and solid dude, Marty shows you how it’s done.


Tiisetso- Tiisetso rolled along in the Kuruman van.
Here he is slaloming through the bins during Kimberley Skate League.


Here pictured are the beginners division competitors for the Kimberley Skate League.
Kuruman was representing!


Kaone cruises through the bins with a smile.


Brad, Martin, and Kwabena finding their way into the top 3 as they often seem to, here they are pictured for earning top 3 in the “Best Line” competition.


Here are Micael, Jon-Alan, and Anthony: top 3 in the beginner’s division for the “Best Line” contest.

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