Looking Back: Thrasher Magazine in South Africa

Earlier this year, the Thrasher crew packed their bags and left SF for 2 weeks of Skateboarding, beer, and red meat in South Africa. Cape Town based photographer Sam Clark guided Ronnie Sandoval, SOTY 2011 Grant Taylor, Cory Kennedy, Raven Tershy, Pat McClain, Raney Beres, Thasher photographer Rhino and filmer P Stone around the motherland looking for epic spots and good times along the way. Rhino sent us some of the photos that weren’t run in the mag, here’s a few of those along with the 5 videos that went out on the Thrasher site back in June.

This was the crew:

Cory Kennedy

 Cory Kennedy

Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor

Pat Mclain

 Pat McLain

Raney Beres

 Raney Beres

Raven Tershy

 Raven Tershy

Ronnie Sandoval

Ronnie Sandoval

Check out the videos that went out on the Thrasher site back in May:

Germiston Bowl, De Aar, and Kumba Skate Plaza

Hartswaater ditch, Kuruman Skatepark, & Indigo Skate Camp

Indigo Skate Camp

Session at Dlamini’s backyard pool

Cape Town

And a few more shots from Rhino: 


Moist session at Germiston Bowl in Johannesburg. The crew got in a little skating in between the drizzling.


On to the Northern Cape. Here’s the crew checking out De Aar Skatepark


Raney tweaks out a frontside air while the homies look on at De Aar Skatepark in the Northern Cape

_RNO8101 copy

Raney stiffs out a frontside air at the Kumba Skate Plaza vert ramp


Raney indy airs at the now notorious Hartswaater ditch


Grant Taylor taildrops at the Kuruman Skatepark


Cory Kennedy feels out the monstrous A-Frame at the Kuruman Skatepark


Raven Tershy back tailslides at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban


Grant and Sam scouting some big things outside of Cape Town


They crew ended it off with a barrier session with an epic view of Cape Town in the background.

More photos from the trip can be found here and here.

All photos by Rhino/Thrasher Magazine

Video by P Stone/Thrasher Magazine

Special thanks to Thrasher for coming out!

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