Mini Hood to Hood at Kumba Skate Plaza

With the introduction of the Hood to Hood contest at the Kimberley Diamond Cup, we decided it was only fitting that we held a Hood to Hood contest of local proportions. Hence, the Mini Hood to Hood was born.

The format, introduced by The Boardr, got the locals amped to participate. Maybe the R2000 prize purse was also a motivator. At any rate, the locals came out and killed it, all in the name of skateboarding. Check the results and photo gallery below.

1- Digital kids (R1000)

Jino Modise

Llewellyn Botha

Will Jenkins

2- DAM (R600)

Damian Bramley

Martin Kotze

Alec Balie

3- TFS (R400)

Theo Setsetse

Moustache Afrika

Jaydan Klaasen

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