Best Trick on Marble Ledges & More Weekend Fun at Kumba Skate Plaza

We’ll keep this week’s write up this short and sweet. Friday led us to the Mini Ramp Jam, offering prizes for Beginners and Advanced Divisions. Saturday’s Best Trick Jam on the marble ledges brought forward a similar format, sans transition, substitute the ledges. The kids are shredding as hard as ever and 2014 is looking up.

Here are the results from this past weekend’s competitions at the Kumba Skate Plaza. Don’t forget to peep the photo gallery, either.


Mini Ramp Jam


1st: Caleb Goa -trucks

2nd: Siphiwe Kheshwa -bearings


1st: Damian Bramley- KDC board

2nd: Brad Balie- wheels


Best Trick Marble Ledges


1st: Liam Abrahams – Crook to backlip – wheels.

2nd: Samkelo Rashole – Nose slide shuv out -bearings

3rd: Caleb Goa – boardslide shuv out- KDC T-shirt


1st: Brad Balie – Frontside 50-50 grind frontside flip out – KDC board

2nd: Will Jenkins – Backside smith grind -trucks

3rd: Kwabena Awuah – Kickflip to backside 50-50 grind -KDC shirt

After the contests we decided to have a little jam on the Tech section without the table ledge, euro gap and the 2 stairs for T-shirt prizes. Will Meleng stole a T-shirt with a nollie lazer flip off the launch, Sphiwe also laid down a proper crook down the ledge and Alec decided to fly off the 3 stair with a sick front shuv.

Photos: Martin Kotze

Words: Erwin Lyon

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