Northern Cape World Tourism Month Launch Party in Johannesburg

Northern Cape World Tourism Month Launched in Johannesburg

We were invited by the Northern Cape Tourism Authority to Johannesburg to skate for the cameras for SABC’s Morning Live television program for the celebration of the launch of Northern Cape World Tourism Month. As Northern Cape provincial governement is playing a major role in bringing the Kimberley Diamond Cup (2-5 October) back to Kimberley this year, it was only fitting that some skateboarders would be on the set.

Along for the ride were Kimberley skaters Natalie Bramley, Boipelo Awuah, Will Jenkins, and Jaydan Klaasen, who were later joined by JHB rippers Adam Woolf and Anthony De Mendonca for the broadcast. It was a short trip, but we managed to have time to skate Library Gardens with some locals and have fun ripping the setup outside Arts On Main in Maboneng for the Morning Live broadcast.

We left JHB with a few photos and a video clip, which can both be found below. Thanks to NCTA  for the opportunity and the trip to Johannesburg, we had an awesome time! Thanks also to the kids- Boipelo, Natalie, Jaydan and Will, and thanks to Adam & Anthony for waking up early and coming out to rip with us!


Awesome running into Sam Khumalo at Library Gardens. Sam has been holding it down at LBGs for a while now.


Will Jenkins, front nose on a JHB ledge that has seen better days.


Library Gardens was flooded with school girls for the short time we were there.


Jaydan backside tailslides through the cracks.


More school girls eager to have their pictures taken.


Natalie got a boardslide in on the ledge.


Boipelo ollies down the 3. You can usually find Maanda Mulaudzi skating switch up the stairs.


Natalie with a new friend at LBGs.


Shoes on a wire.


Great time taking the KBY locals around Johannesburg! Time to head back to the hotel and get ready for the next day.


It was great to meet you, Kayise! Kayise aka “Sista K”, an expert crafter from Kimberley, was along for the ride and also had a slot on Morning Live discussing her craft work.


Here we are on the set of Morning Live in Maboneng with Mr. John Block, MEC of the Northern Cape.


Anthony with a pop shuvit as the sun rises.


Jaydan was the only one to touch the rail. Not much room to work with on either side, but Jaydan was just stoked to be skating in another city so he made it happen.


Thanks to Desty from Northern Cape Tourism for organizing for the Kimberley kids to come to Johannesburg for an awesome experience!


Our crew for the Morning Live broadcast consisted of (left to right) Anthony De Mendonca, Adam Woolf, Jaydan Klaasen, Boipelo Awuah, Will Jenkins, and Natalie Bramley.


Woolf gets ready for his close up.


Boipelo Awuah (8) being interviewed by SABC for Morning Live. Boipelo was so excited to be out and traveling that she wanted to stay in Johannesburg for the rest of the week!


The traditional dancers closed off the day and although they weren’t aware, provided us with the perfect soundtrack for an edit.



Jaydan Klaasen shuts it down with a crook on the flat bar.

Words, photos, and video: Chinner

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