Nyjah Huston at KDC Finals

We’re not too sure if Nyjah was just fooling around during his heats at the Saturday qualifiers, but he definitely was not playing any games on Sunday for the KDC Finals (he only fell 3 times throughout the whole finals). Nyjah’s tricks on the handrail including his nollie heelflip to bs lip, tre flip lip, bs 270 to lip, and his last trick, bs 270 to noseblunt, definitely blew minds on that day. Check out this quick clip of Nyjah Huston destroying it at the Kimberley Diamond Cup Pro Street Finals.

Nyjah’s bs 270 to noseblunt was followed by Felipe Gustavo’s switch flip back tail, both laid down for the crowd after time let out in the Finals. Watch it here if you aren’t certain what we’re referring to.

Filmed and edited by Chinner.
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