Red Bull Grass Roots Tour

Red Bull’s Grass Roots Tour kicked off immediately following KDC and set out for a cross country skate trip searching out skate spots and good times across South Africa. In the van were TJ Rogers of Canada, Mikey Mendoza of Australia, and SA’s Moses & Allan Adams. Red Bull wanted to give the opportunity to a local Kimberley skater to tag along, so Kumba Skate Plaza’s own Siphiwe Keshwa was along for the ride to mission around with the big guns.

Scroll below for a few photos and video from the trip and click here for all updates from the Grass Roots Tour here. We’ll be dropping a few photos and video clips from the trip on our social media pages, so keep an eye out. Thanks to RedBull for having us along and for the once in a lifetime opportunity for one of our local Kimberley skaters!

summer-time-and-the-living-is-easyTJ pops one with as the crew cools off at Gariep Dam.






Siphiwe proves himself and hucks one at Gariep Dam.


Moses putting down video part bangers that went straight to Instagram. The flip at Gariep Dam.


TJ seeks shelter from the PE rain and puts down this bump to backside grind.


Local Kimberley skater Siphiwe Keshwa proving himself yet again and taking the plunge at Bloukrans Bridge- the highest commercial bungee jump in the WORLD.


Another extreme feat crossed off the bucket list courtesy of Red Bull. Shark cage diving in Mossel Bay.


A swing and a miss for Siphiwe.


Aussie Mikey Mendoza kickflip back tails some Cape Town marble at Civic Centre.


Mosey ends off the tour with a bang on his home turf with a Civic Centre NBD. Kickflip.

All photos: Tyrone Bradley

Video: Freakscene ©



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