Skate Lesson Sundays Coaching Clinic at Kumba Skate Plaza

If you’ve been following us in recent months, it’s no secret that we hold free skate lessons open to the public on a weekly basis. It gives the opportunity for our more advanced skaters to engage with the young guns who are just starting out and hence creates mentors in the process. We rounded up our youth volunteers this past Sunday to teach several skaters some skateboarding basics and followed it up with a photo session with some of the guys. Check out all the content below for proof!


Peter helps a young man pad up to get ready for the clinic.


Giovanni aiding in medicating some of the early symptoms of mongosis. Front foot on the board, back foot on the ground, always.


Padded up and ready to rip!


Mohudi works with one of his students on his ollies.



Peter assisting with the drop-in.


Youth volunteers helping their peers learn the art of skateboarding at our Skate Lesson Sundays coaching clinic.


Tshepiso helping one of his peers learn to ride off of the manual pad.


Party on the manual pad.


Our youth volunteer coaches have taken their students to every obstacle in the park in attempt to get them to learn how to drop in. No shoes? No problem.


It’s become a ritual to shoot some skate photos on Sunday following the skate clinic. Here’s Siphiwe Keshwa with a feeble grind.


Siphiwe with a crooked grind.


The crew chilling on a Sunday afternoon.


Giovanni leaves the building.

Samkelo Noseslide-1


Samkelo Rashole coming through with a noseslide on the 3 stair rail.

All content: Chinner

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