Skateboarding for Hope Presented By Vans: George

The KDC / OSP crew hit George for the annual Buck tour on 4 July, 2015 and showed the locals some love by putting on some cash money for the top skating to go down as well as skateboarding coaching clinics and giveaways for underprivileged youth of the area.

In the photos, you’ll notice that most of the photos feature only the backsides of the children in the skate clinic. This was in order to protect their identity as they were brought to the skatepark from places of safety from their family. Skateboarding in this case was used as a means to distract the children from their lives at home and take their minds off of things for a while. Skateboarding has and always will be good for that.

In the contest portion of the event, OG Alan Marola came through with guns blazing, as always, and covered every inch of the skatepark, winning the R3k cash prize. Shuaib Philander was right behind Marola and won himself a wildcard entry to the KDC SA Championships this October. Moses trailed in 3rd and won himself a few extra bucks for spending money for his trip to the US next month.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners who made the event possible and contributed to another great SFH stop for the season: Vans, Kumba Iron Ore, Northern Cape Tourism, Red Bull, Top Grom, World Skateboarding Grand Prix, Aquavita, Old School Productions, and Pragmatics.

Check out some photos and results from the event here.


Open Div.

1. Alan Marola

2. Shuaib Philander

3. Gavin Moses Adams


1. Aya Gericke Smith

2. Rory Boorman

3. Dylan Lamb


Motivational speech from the team to boost morale prior to the skate clinic.


A group of children cover their faces as they pose for a photo. The children are covering their faces to protect their identity as they were brought to the skatepark from places of safety from their family. Hopefully skateboarding will shine some positive light into their lives and help them escape their harsh lives at home.


Marius’ drank that got him through the day.


Ready to get on with the skate  clinic.


A stack of KDC completes ready to be given away to underprivileged youth of George.


Markus and the team getting the skate clinic started.


Patrick, Marius, and the guys guiding some first time skaters at Skatelab.




Push on.


Hopefully this board will introduce a little extra positivity into the life of this individual.


Patrick teaching the guys how to ollie.


Byron & Marius showing the kids how it’s done.


Mosey with a frontside ollie on the rusty mini.


Marola’s victory is Hughes-approved.



Open Div. winners Moses Adams (3rd), Alan Marola (1st), and Shuaib Philander (2nd).

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