Skateboarding for Hope Presented by Vans: Northern Cape Youth Month Tour Recap

Skateboarding for Hope (SFH) Presented by Vans rounded up the crew in Johannesburg directly from the KDC Grand Slam and trekked 16 hours straight to Springbok for the SFH Youth Month Tour in the Northern Cape.

The SFH Youth Month Tour included Springbok on the 16th, Upington on the 18th, and De Aar on the 19th to end off the trip. The mission was to hit the smaller cities in the Northern Cape that don’t generally get too much attention and spread the good word of skateboarding through skate clinics, competitions for local skaters, and skateboard giveaways to those in need.

One main objective of the trip was to gage the direction in which each city’s skate scene is going by speaking and connecting with the local skaters. After hearing input from the locals, we are then able to offer advice where needed and motivate the locals to keep things thriving in their respective regions. Such was the case in each city we visited and is one of the aspects we enjoy most about this event. There are ripping skaters in all of these cities who just need some motivation to discover their potential within.

Although still small, the Northern Cape has growing skate scenes in each of the cities containing government-funded skateparks that were built in back in 2013. Also on this list of skateparks is Kuruman, of which we will be visiting later on in the year, shortly before the KDC main event.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners that made the mission possible: Vans, Kumba Iron Ore, and Northern Cape Tourism. Thanks to Janel and Markus from Old School Productions for helping getting things rolling behind the scenes. Thanks to Warrick and Maurice from DSAC NCape​ for coming along to assist with the events. Thanks to Erwin who kept things rolling on the mic and our friends Izzi and Theo who came along to assist with the coaching clinics and contest judging.

Check out some photos from the trip to see what we got up to and stay tuned to our website for a video recap coming soon.


This was the crew that greeted us on a cold, wet, and windy morning at the Springbok Skatepark. Moments later we decided to take the show to a nearby indoor facility to run the event.


Theo Setsetse, originally from Botswana, was living in Kimberley for a few years before leaving to Cape Town to focus on skating. He joined us in Johannesburg and duked it out all the way back to Kimberley.


Positive messages on the walls adjacent to the Springbok Skatepark.


On to the indoor venue that our man (special shoutout) Peter McKuchane arranged. Here’s Izzi helping out with skate lessons in Springbok.


Theo showing the Springbok locals a proper ollie. A local gawks in amazement. How you do dat?


Izzi kickflips in the game of skate we held for the De Aar locals. Izzi, who is from Namibia, joined us in Springbok and rode with us for the remainder of the tour and back to Kimberley.


Erwin gives the thumbs up to Springbok game of skate winners Rafael Prestes (2nd, R200), Sarel Stone (3rd, R100), and Izzi Jansen (1st, R300).


Thanks to everyone in Springbok who came out to support! Until next year.


After the event we headed to the skatepark for a quick session after the weather calmed down. Here’s Sarel Stone boardsliding a confusing rail at his hometown park.


Kimberley ripper Warrick Delport puts down a feeble grind on the A-Frame rail after the park dried up.


2 days later and we’re at Upington Skatepark. It’s got a few obstacles that are a bit out of place, but otherwise a fun, well constructed skatepark.


Erwin helping the ladies out.


Theo teaching some Upington locals how to drop in on the quarter.


Lucky Upington recipients of fresh KDC completes.


Young Upington skater Trevor haves a laugh with the crowd before his run in the best trick contest.


Joshua Coghlan frontside boardslides the rail at the Upington Skatepark. Joshua, originally from Kimberley, moved to Upington a few years back and has been holding it down and rapidly progressing on his skateboard at his new hometown skatepark.


Big ups to the Upington dudes who came up on some cash in the best trick jam. From left to right: Dylan Cupido (R100), Pedro Minaar (R100), Herschell Potgieter (R100), Trevor Mokwa (R200), Joshua Coghlan (R100), Rodgerster von Eden (R100), and Grant Solomons (R300).


Last stop: De Aar.


De Aar Skatepark is one of the 4 skateparks funded by the Northern Cape province in 2013. Dallas Oberholzer was the brains behind the design. Not surprising considering the park’s tranny-heavy layout. Always a good time at this spot.


Izzi showing the ladies of De Aar how it’s done.


Smiles all around. Werner helps the kids out with the basics.


Theo, a hit with the kids.


Thanks to Vans for hooking up the kids of De Aar with some fresh completes.


5050 from De Aar ripper Duncan Pretorius.


De Aar best trick winners: Duncan Pretorius (R400), Stefan Myburg (R300), Hansie Pretorius (R100), Vaughn Botha (R100), and Werner Smith (R100).

Photos and words: Chinner

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