Skateboarding for Hope Presented by Vans: Stoneridge Recap

Skateboarding for Hope presented by Vans Stoneridge hit Stoneridge Skatepark in Edenvale on 2 May, 2015 and welcomed close to a hundred local skaters competing for a piece of the R5k prize purse and a wildcard entry to the KDC SA Championships this October in Kimberley.

In the mix at the Skateboarding for Hope skate clinic were children from Bhoni4kasi children’s home in Soweto. Thanks to the caretakers from the organization and to all the kids who came out to learn how to skate and have fun with us. We hope you enjoy the skateboards and continue to use them every day!

Stoneridge skatepark is a little tougher for some individuals to adjust to, especially the younger generation of skaters that are growing up only skating plaza-style skateparks. The few that shine at Stoneridge were shining bright. You’ve gotta have at least a little tranny skill to impress the judges in a contest at this park. That is unless, of course, you’re flexing super hard on the stair set complete with tech-deck size hubbas. Some of the dudes that had our attention from the get-go were of course The Binge, Daniel Miltiadou, Adam Woolf, Martin Stoffberg,Trae Rice, and Craig Evans, just to name a few. The groms did their thing as well, bringing out the Stylianou brothers, Jamie de Villiers from Durban, and a few local rippers that we’d never seen before. Each year we’re able to catch a glimpse of the future during the SFH contest series as well as see how the skaters have progressed since the year prior.

We thought we’d make special mention a few of the slams that went down. Notably from Martin Stoffberg and Trae Rice. Both were claimed fairly badly on the shallow to deep quarter pipe, slamming all the way from the coping to flat onto their shoulders/wrists, and the rest of those bones. Wait for the video to see what we’re talking about. Hope you guys are keeping well.

In the end, Daniel Miltiadou’s transition skills worked in his favor as he cruised around the park with speed and a creative bag of tricks. Daniel took home a wildcard entry to the KDC SA Championships this October. Jamie de Villiers of Durban took the top spot in the TopGrom division and will be competing with the rest of SA’s top groms this October at the TopGrom SA Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup.

Thanks to all of our sponsors who made the day possible and contributed to another great stop on theĀ 2015 SFH season: Vans, Kumba Iron Ore, Northern Cape Tourism, Red Bull, Top Grom, World Skateboarding Grand Prix, Aquavita, Old School Productions, Pragmatics, and Stoneridge Shopping Centre for their cooperation with skatepark privileges for the day.

The next opportunity for Johannesburg area skaters to qualify to compete in KDC this October will be at the KDC Grand Slam at the Coca Cola Dome next month on 14 June. Stay tuned for more details on that one coming soon.


TopGrom (Ages 13-)
1. Jamie de Villiers (R1500 product voucher)
2. Aiden Searle (R1000 product voucher)
3. Michael Stylianou (R500 product voucher)

Open Div. (Ages 14+)
1. Daniel Miltiadou (R2500)
2. Trae RiceĀ (R1500)
3. Adam Woolf (R500)

Best Trick
Adam Woolf- Kickfklip 5-0 long ledge (R500)

Here’s some clips from Skateboarding for Hope presented by Vans Stoneridge wildcard winner Daniel Miltiadou. D-swag brings the flavor to the table.#kdcskate

Posted by Kimberley Diamond Cup on Saturday, May 2, 2015


We were joined by the children from Bhoni4kasi Children’s Home in Soweto for the day and had an amazing time hanging out and teaching them to skate. They even stuck around to check out the area’s best skaters in action. Maanda Mulaudzi has been giving us a hand with the SFH clinics for a while and was stoked to come by and hang out with the kids.


Young ladies stoked to have their own boards and ready to rip.


Time to learn how to skate. These young ladies help each other catch their balance.


Martin Stoffberg from the Old School Productions team helping out with the skate clinic. There’s a healthy balance of fear and excitement shown in the facial expressions here.


Although we made sure to start off with the skate lessons, we ended it with a good ole fashioned butt race down the bank.


Maanda getting the kids hyped and ready to learn how to skate. Thanks to Vans and Northern Cape Tourism for helping make the day possible.

sfh 2015 stoneridge 6

A young man rides over the nip. Photo by Johann van Schalkwyk.


Aiden Searle kickflips off the side of the stairs before the action starts.


TopGrom Jamie de Villiers with a backside grind on the tech deck hubba ledge.


Young Ashton Banwell in the mix.


Stoffberg with a proper frontside grab on the hip. Martin was flying off this thing all day.


Skate dads and top groms talking shop. This caption brought to you by Aqua Vita and Vans.

AJ2W9609 copy-3

Craig Evans with super trippy melon grab on the hip.


Evan Binge working all angles of the park with a 5-0 from the quarter.


Adam Woolf, back D.


Daniel Miltiadou with a one footed ollie.


Markus keeping the kids happy and keeping the Vans stickers in circulation.


Trae Rice with a frontside air on the hip.


Trae took one of the hardest slams we’ve seen in a while.

AJ2W9984 copy

TopGrom division finalists Michael Stylianou (3rd), Jamie de Villiers (1st), and Aiden Searle (2nd).


Open division winners Trae Rice (2nd), Daniel Miltiadou (1st), and Adam Woolf (3rd) presented by Johann van Schalkwyk of Northern Cape Dept. of Economic Development & Tourism, who helps make SFH and KDC possible year after year.


Jamie de Villiers of Durban will be representing in Durban this October in Kimberley at the TopGrom Championships at KDC.


Daniel Miltiadou will be skating the KDC SA Championships this October in Kimberley.

Words by Chinner

Photos by Rudi Jeggle

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