Skateboarding For Hope Supported By DC Shoes Northern Cape Youth Month Tour: De Aar 2016

After a sunrise pool session in Upington and a long drive through the Northern Cape, the final stop of the Skateboarding For Hope Northern Cape Youth Month Tour found us at De Aar Skatepark on Sunday, 5 June, 2016; one of the 4 skateparks built by Dallas Oberholzer in 2013 and funded by the Northern Cape Provincial Government and a favorite park to many South African transition skaters.

With only a few dedicated skaters in the area, the De Aar scene is small but steady. The locals that do hold it down, however, are rippers and more than down to get involved and make things happen. Everyone joined in to assist with the skate clinics and pass on the torch to the future skaters of De Aar. With some new and familiar faces joining us for the event, the vibes are always good in De Aar. We gave lessons to several children (and adults) of the area and handed out 10 skateboards to new and existing skaters in need. Following the skate clinics was the tricks for cash jam, where the De Aar locals pulled out their best stuff in order to win a few Randelas. Most notably were Stephan Myburg and Philani Mtsomi who killed the course, taking up half of the money from the contest! Look out for those two.

Lastly, our friends from Geekulcha joined us one last time to introduce IT and tech knowledge to the kids, guiding them through the process of Android app development, coding, and more. We (and the kids, of course) were stoked to have them along to add an interesting element to our program.

Thanks to everyone that made the stop possible: DC Shoes, Northern Cape Tourism, World Skateboarding Federation, Northern Cape Provincial Government, Northern Cape Dept of Sports, Arts, & Culture, Geekulcha, and Old School Productions & Pragmatics behind the scenes. Until next year, Northern Cape!

Tricks For Cash Results

Philani Mtsomi – R250 (FS Boardslide, crooked grind on rail, Kickflip stairs)
Stephan Mayburg – R250  (FS Tail up Hubba, BS 50-50, 5050 to front board)
Chaydin Beukes – R100 (Wallie hubba ollie off)
Andries – R100 (Nose Stall Revert)
Nathan – R100 (Boneless 180)
Lorenzo – R100 (Heelflip launch, Ollie stairs)


Final stretch on the way from Upington to De Aar. Those long drives can make you stiff real quick.


Windmill + bush + lots of land = textbook Northern Cape view.

Damian FS Air

On to De Aar skatepark to fit in a session with what sunlight we’ve got left. Damian breaks in the doorway with a frontside air. (Photo: Erwin)


Warrick dials in the kickflip to wallride, no problem.


Warrick gets the coaching clinics going with some skateboarding basics. Here he demonstrates the movements necessary to ollie.


The locals were down to get involved with the coaching clinics too. This is what it’s all about!


Just watch out for toddlers! Luckily none of them were (seriously) injured.


Straight from church to the sesh. The moms were keen to learn, too!


Warrick demonstrates the boardslide.


“Come on, you can do it!”


Erwin helps keep things moving.


Geekulcha teaching basic coding and IT skills to the kids, using skateboarding as a way to introduce the subject. Thanks for joining us on the tour, guys!


Philani, crooks.


5050 to front board from Stephan Myburg.


One last R1000 given away to Northern Cape skaters; the De Aar homies were putting down!


That’s a wrap for the Skateboarding For Hope Northern Cape Youth Month Tour! Thanks to everyone who was involved and helped make things happen.

All content (unless otherwise noted): Mike Chinner

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