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Every now and then, we’ll get Instagram shoutouts from skaters in other African countries in attempt to catch our attention and show us what’s going on in their respective scenes. Recently, we came across a sponsor-me video from Evaristo Mutale, Zambia skateboarder, that blew us away. He was putting down some serious tech skills in an area in Africa in which several people probably didn’t know skaters existed at. Evaristo’s video gave us a little insight into what to expect from the local skaters and is one of several guys holding it down and pushing the progression of skateboarding in Lusaka.

When deciding to visit Lusaka, Zambia with skateboarding as the main objective, we weren’t too sure what we were in for as far as skate spots go. Our first thoughts were that it was a mostly rural area with crusty roads and few spots to offer. To our surprise, Lusaka currently has two operational skateparks, smooth streets (nicer than majority of South African streets), and no lack of amazing spots (several untouched). We did our best to touch on as much as we could over the duration of our 6 day stay and had an amazing time cruising the streets of Lusaka with help of the locals.

Our buddy Elijah Zgambo is one of the original Zambia skaters and has been proactive in pushing skateboarding in the country over the years. One of his efforts to promote and help grow skateboarding, Street Culture Zambia, includes a hip hop festival which is held quarterly that includes hip hop dancing, rap battles, and of course, skateboarding. The event has become extremely popular with the Lusaka youth and skateboarders look forward to its return every time school holidays are upon them. Thanks to Elijah, we had the pleasure of attending the contest and lending a hand with judging and prizes while watching the young skaters of Lusaka rip. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the 2nd day of the contest due to some food poisoning issues, so we weren’t able to catch the advanced division portion of the contest. If the skating compared to anything we’ve seen in person or online, we’re sure it was on point.

Big thanks to Elijah Zgamno, Wandile Msomi, Fritz Isaacks, Evaristo Mutale, and everyone who helped to show us around and made our short stay in Lusaka an enjoyable one. It was a privilege to spend time with you guys and ride skateboards together. Keep it moving!

Check out the results & photos from the contest along with some coverage from the Lusaka streets and be on the lookout for more video from our Zambian mission very soon!

Street Culture 12 Skate Competition Results

Up n’ Coming (Begginers Division)

1. Shuya Thomas Siwale (KDC Complete, K350)
2. Mukuka Chande (KDC Deck, K150)
3. Juviens Kayembe (Trucks, K50)
Best Trick: Malama Mbewe (Wheels & Bearings)

Advanced Division

1. Kaluya Charles Lungu (KDC Complete, K500)
2. Levy Musole (KDC Deck, K250)
3. Ian Madekurozwa (Trucks, K100)

Advanced Division Best Trick

1. Innocent Sichande (KDC Complete)
2. Levy Musole (KDC Deck)
3. Kaluya Charles Lungu (Trucks)

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of visiting #lusaka #zambia to meet up with local skaters and check out what the city has to offer.Here’s a few clips from Fritz Isaacks, Wandile Msomi, and Kaluya Lungu in the streets of Lusaka. Full video soon on our site.#kdcskate #africa #africanskateboarding #streetculturezambiaStreet Culture Zambia

Posted by Kimberley Diamond Cup on Monday, September 21, 2015


Skateboarding is still young in Zambia, so pedestrians still get excited at the sight of a skateboard. Everyone wanted to hop on and pose.


Then there was this guy.


The dogs across the street from the backpackers were always lurking.


Residential area in the streets of Lusaka.

Zambia Skate Ads

 It was hard to not spot the one of several advertisements placed on billboards and in shopping malls all across the city blessed with skate-related images. Most included the typical poorly-timed action shot, “urban” settings with kids posing with skateboards in cheesy stances, etc. One ad in particular was so bad that the designer actually photoshopped out the kingpin part of the truck. The ad that stood out the most, however, had to be the Mountain Dew ad featuring none other than the bizarro Theotis Beasley posing with a skateboard and full Theotis-swag. Having the knowledge that Theotis rides for Mountain Dew, it couldn’t be more obvious that the model was hired with intentions of looking exactly like Theotis. Could he not make the photo shoot? Was this an extremely crazy coincidence? I think not. All in all, the amount of skateboarding-related ads placed around town is a true testament to how much skateboarding is growing in the area and the impact it has on youth culture.


Spot check #1: Park Extreme. Some of the best flatground ever makes up for the tattered, beat up obstacles.


Wandile with his new friends Ryan and Gideon.


Innocent is one Zambian skater who received an invite to KDC to represent Zambia at the African Championships. Backside tail at Part Xtreme.


Out and about in the streets of Lusaka city center. Skim the streets for markets for all your vintage clothing needs.


Fritz, who has traveled the world throughout his life, is now living in Lusaka and showed us all the spots that Lusaka has to offer. Thanks, Fritz!


We dem boys!


Fritz teaching skateboarding to some of the local children who were lurking at the university, UNZA.


We need to get these kids some boards!


“Hey, guys, I’m gonna…Nah, nevermind, I’m too old.” Wandile sizes down one of Lusaka’s most skated gaps.


On to the Street Culture event. Alongside skateboarding were hip hop dancing and rap battles on deck for the weekend’s competitions. The hip hop dancing scene is actually quite established as the skate scene is still growing. Very similar to Kimberley’s scene.


The scene at Street Culture 12. Obstacles were brought in from a nearby skatepark to setup here at the event and the whole Lusaka skate scene was out to support.


Wandile rounds up the skaters to keep everyone in the loop on the rules.


Some of the young guns await their next run.


Boardslide on the micro mini A-Frame.


Mukuka was ripping! Kickflip.


The stanky leg, forced back foot “steeze” trend has also infiltrated Zambia. Juviens with a pop shuvit into 3rd place.


Props to the young guns that held it down in the “Up and Comers” division! Wandile (far left) and Fritz (far right) present winners from left to right: Shuya Siwale (1st), Mukuka Chande (2nd), Juviens Kayembe (3rd) and Malama Mbewe (best trick).


Shoutout to all the skaters of Lusaka, Zambia for coming out to support local skateboarding! The skate scene is growing fast and the kids are ripping! Be on the lookout for these guys.

Photos, video, words: Chinner

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