Soul Team Wins Rider Cup NYC!

Congrats to Soul Team from Brooklyn, NY, who took home the $10k cash grand prize as well as an all expenses paid trip to South Africa for Kimberley Diamond Cup this October 2-5 to compete in the Rider Cup World Championships! Soul Team will be going up against South African teams Packing The Heat, Get It Get It!, Durbanites, and more, soon to follow. For now, let’s give it up for Nate Rojas, Andre Beverley, Dwayne Almonte, Gabe Almonte, and Stephan Martinez from Brooklyn! They went up against 11 other teams from around NYC last weekend at LES Skatepark in Manhattan and came out on top.

Check out our coverage from the event on the World Skateboarding site here.

NY Skateboarding also came through with an awesome recap, check out part 1 here and stay tuned for part 2.

If you haven’t qualified for the Rider Cup Championships, we’ll still have one more team to qualify at next week’s KDC Grand Slam in Cape Town and 3 more last minute qualifiers at KDC.  Scroll below for results and photos from the event.


Rider Cup NYC Finals

1. Soul Team (Brooklyn) : $10,000 & all expenses paid trip to South Africa

Dwayne Almonte

Gabe Almonte

Nate Rojas

Andre Beverley

Duron Simons (Alt)

2. LES Bomb Squad 1 (Manhattan) : $2000

Jamel Marshall

Joseph Gil

Carlos Carrezano

Ryan Santiago

Derek Holmes (Alt)

3. Team Belief (Queens) : $1000

Alejandro Batista

Victor Reyes

Andre Valencia

Karim Callender

Ricardo Castaneda (Alt)

Best Trick

Antonio Durao, Switch bigspin heel : $1000

Best Head to Head Battle

Dylan Nieves (Shaolin Shredders) vs. Dwayne Almonte (Soul Team) ($300 each)

2014-08-16 at 11-35-06

12 teams from all over NYC’s five boroughs came out to represent and skate for the $10k cash and the trip to South Africa.

2014-08-16 at 12-07-32

We were lucky enough to have some of NYC’s most ripping dudes man the judging booth. Here’s Rob Campbell, Dan Pensyl, and Joe Tookmanian.

2014-08-16 at 12-53-06

NYC legend and 5Boro head honcho Steve Rodriguez was our master of ceremonies for the day. Thanks for holding it down, Steve!

2014-08-16 at 13-09-11

Andre Beverley comes through with the gap to nosegrind for Soul Team.

2014-08-16 at 14-35-44

Front feeb by Alejandro Batista from Team Belief.

2014-08-16 at 15-30-17 (2)

Austin Sierra from Shaolin Shredders with the varial heel crooks.

2014-08-16 at 15-34-57 (2)

Dwayne Almonte with the nollie heel over the apple.

2014-08-16 at 15-24-17

It was great to see everyone from Northern Cape Provincial Government at the event! Thanks for helping to bring skateboarding events around the world and helping give skaters the opportunity to  make a little money doing what they love!

2014-08-16 at 16-21-23 (1)

Antonio Durao locks down the best trick with a switch bigspin heel.


Congrats to Soul Team! We’ll see you in Kimberley for the Rider Cup Championships!

Photos: Peter Pabon

Words: Chinner

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