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South Africans Moses Adams and Thalente Biyela in LA

This past week has seen some pretty righteous clips of South African skateboarders skating in the Los Angeles area. Cape Town’s Moses Adams recently made his 2nd trip to The Berrics in the past year, this time competing in the Battle at the Berrics 7. Below is his first round match against Blind’s Sewa Koretkov. Moses was first invited to skate the Berrics by Steve Berra as a result of this video, “Get Moses Adams to The Battle at the Berrics”, featuring Moses doing every trick in the book.

Next up we’ve got some silky-smooth lines at various LA area skate plazas from Durban’s Thalente Biyela. Thalente has become a well known face in the LA area- not only for his incredible skills on the board, but because of his unique story. Thalente grew up as a homeless child at the Durban Beachfront Skatepark and worked his way up the ladder in South Africa until his passion for skateboarding and growing recognition caused his immigration to the US in 2012. Thalente has since been hooked up with Element, Spitfire, Thunder, and LRG and can often be seen with the likes of fellow smooth operator Kenny Anderson. Currently, there is a documentary in progress chronicling the tale of Thalente’s humble upbringings all the way to his hustle as a skateboarder in LA. Check the trailer for “I Am Thalente” right here and be on the lookout for more of Thalente in the future.

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