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Buck Tour / Skateboarding For Hope Supported By DC Shoes George Recap

Skateboarding For Hope Supported by DC Shoes, integrated into the 16th annual Buck Tour at Skatelab Skatepark in George, went down on 2 July, 2016 and brought out local skaters of the area along with a couple cars full of rowdy skaters from the Cape Town area for a shot at cash prizes...

Skateboarding for Hope Buck Tour Video

Skateboarding for Hope by Buck Tour in George Video Recap

Check out the ripping that went down on 5 July, 2014 for Skateboarding for Hope presented by Boogaloos/Buck Tour at Skatelab in George.

Skaters in order of appearance: Brad Balie, Theo Setsetse, ?, Tyler Kammies, Quinton Mooiman, Byron Rhoda, Khulu Dlamini, MJ Johnson, Shuaib Philander, Jean Marc Johannes, Alan Marola, and Khule Ngubane.\

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packing the heat tour at skatelab george

Packing The Heat hops the fence at SkateLab George

We hopped the fence at Skatelab in George early Monday morning for a warmup sesh and came out with a minute of ripping footage. Here’s Dlamini Dlamini, Evan Binge, Kanya Spani, Chinner, Wesley Schroeder, and Alan Marola cruising Skatelab. Filmed and edited by Colin Clark.

We’ll be back in George for The Buck Tour/Skateboarding for Hope on Saturday,...