Today In SA Skateboarding: Edits From Around The Country

There were so many skate clips from all over SA that surfaced online today that we just had to share them all with you. Good looks to Session Skate Mag for keeping the stream steady. More credit is due to the skaters of SA for finding the energy to leave the park and explore your surroundings. It’s super easy to get caught at the park all day, we understand this.

Keep the footage coming! Find all of the clips below.

Chris Nderitu in Durban

We’ve seen Chris at our Grand Slam stops in Durban over the last few years and are always stoked on his smooth skating. Great to see some footage from him.

Cloudy Brothers: Cloudy Days & TAs

With so many amazing and (it seems, until lately) slept on spots in Durban, it’s good to see them finally be put to good use. The Cloudy Bros. crew from Durban has been on a steady mission to put said spots to use, and we thank them for this. Keep it coming, boys.

Bloem Chronicles Vol. 4

Tucked away in the Free State, Bloemfontein doesn’t seem to be in the spotlight very often as far as skate coverage. We’ve seen some footage and photos emerge from UFS lately, but not much else. Stuart Walker and co. have been keeping things alive and pointing the GoPro at each other at the skatepark as well as the several spots Bloem has to offer. Bonus points for the intro.

Stock Skate Co. : Copy & Paste

Stock Skate Co. from Cape Town wallies and no complies everything in the city in their latest film, Copy & Paste. It’s clear that the Stock crew is greatly influenced by Bronze, Palace, Poler, etc in their skating and video production. Great to see some different spots skated in Cape Town. Dylan Wright’s nosebonk bigspin on that thing was pretty sick.

Jean Marc at Salesians 

Jean Marc is always posting clips of some insane flatground tricks that he’s been working on. Most of them, even he’s unsure of what the proper trick name would be. He’s also leaving this one open for interpretation. We’re calling it a frontside nollie lateflip sex change. What about you?

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