Mini Ramp Clinic at Kumba Skate Plaza

This past weekend at the Kumba Skate Plaza we hosted a Mini Ramp Clinic and Mini Ramp Jam contest to encourage the local skaters to get more involved and familiar with transition skateboarding. We let the guys borrow some pads and a helmet for their dome and let them perfect the basics of mini ramp skating. A few first-time drop-ins, axle stalls, and rock to fakies are all sure to have gone down following a Vert Fridays clinic on the mini ramp.

We had some prizes on the line for the top 3 skaters in beginners and advanced divisions who were ┬ábrave enough to step up the demonous slopes of the 3-foot mini for the Mini Ramp Jam. You’ll find the names of those who conquered said beast below, along with a photo gallery.


1) Shandene

2) Oratile Modise

3) Kaone


1) Llewellyn Botha

2) Alec Balie

3) Kwabena Awuah

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