Video: Checking In With Damian Bramley At The Kumba Skate Plaza

The latest episode of “Checking In With” features 15 year old Kimberley local skater Damian Bramley who started skateboarding in 2012 following construction of the Kumba Skate Plaza. In the past few years, he’s become a force to be reckoned with as he has gained many opportunities and climbed up the ranks in SA skateboarding.

Damian talks winning the 2015 KDC South African Vert Championships, learning to skate┬áthe mini mega at Camp Woodward, and vert skating in Kimberley in the latest episode of “Checking In With”.

Catch Damian this weekend at the KDC Grand Slam Cape Town Regional Qualifiers at Ultimate X!

Filmed & edited by Mike Chinner


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