Weekend Update: Skating The City

We took the Kimberlaaities out of their comfort zone this Sunday by hitting up the city in search of new spots to skate. Every now and again a group of locals would hit up the streets to explore some new spots, some to settle a score at an old spot. This time around i had my camera with me and followed the guys around the city. We began with a history lesson a memorial dedicated to the Kimberley Cape Coloured Corps who died in the Battle of Square Hill during World War I. From there on we headed to the new Sol Plaatjie University . Check out a few pictures below.


                                                                      Samkelo Rashole with a young backside tailslide.


Alec Balie with a backside 180 down the stairs as the squad looks on.


One of the hungriest young guns on the come up, Thabang, had no problem putting down this kickflip.


You can always rely on Appels to pop out of grinds, pictured here: A backside 5-0 pop out.


Siphiwe Keshwa got himself hurt at the first spot but miraculously recovered upon laying eyes on this ledge. Smith grind.


Ollie, by Siphiwe Keshwa.


Chantley and Keesha MacKuchane.

All Content: Erwin

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