Wild In The Streets Kimberley

On Sunday, 16 June, we rounded up the Kimberley locals for a “Wild In The Streets” type session around Kimberley. We started off at City Hall and skated around to some of Kimberley’s best spots including FNB, the post office, gardens, and the old legislature building. We held best trick contests at the various spots in town and skated back to the skatepark for the prize giving and a pizza party. This was the first time that the majority of the kids had even skated street and they were super excited to skate around as a large group and discover all the spots that Kimberley has to offer. The mission of this session was to encourage the kids to discover their surroundings and skate and adapt to different terrain, and we believe the mission was accomplished. Below are some photos from the session, check it out!

Go skateboarding-2

Boipelo and Muhammad getting things started with a doubles tail drop.

Go skateboarding

Sam K gets a noseslide in at the city hall bench.

Go skateboarding-3

Smiles for everyone. Skateboarding rules.

Go skateboarding-5

Darren with a nollie noseslide.

Go skateboarding-7

Tebogo with a frontside 180 down the post office stairs.

Go skateboarding-8

Tshego aka “Moustache” with a frontside shuv down the post office stairs.

Go skateboarding-9

Will Meleng with a boardslide.

Go skateboarding-10

Brad Balie bonks a crooked grind at the post office.

Go skateboarding-11

Will Jenkins rips. Hardflip.

Go skateboarding-12

Aftermath of the hardlfip make. Get that skate money, Will!

Go skateboarding-13

Brad with a kickflip.

Go skateboarding-14

Over 40 Kimberley skaters came out for the session!

Go skateboarding-15

Warrick helped hold things together for the session.

Go skateboarding-16

Alec frontside shuvits at Nedbank.

Go skateboarding-18

Will Meleng has some pop. Ollie over the rail with little runup.

Go skateboarding-22

Muhammad, ollie.

Go skateboarding-23

Will Meleng, kickflip.

Go skateboarding-24

Erwin gets in there while Jaydan tailsides, backside.

Go skateboarding-25

Thanks again to Erwin and Warrick for holding it down!

Go skateboarding-26

The guys just found out they were in store for a free pizza party.

Go skateboarding-28

Congrats to Samkelo, Moustache, Will Meleng, Brendan, Brad, Jaydan, Darren, and Will Jenkins for coming up on some cash for best trick contests during the street session!

Go skateboarding-29

Group photo! Thanks to all the kids that came out for an awesome day of skateboarding.

Photos: Martin Kotze

Words: Chinner

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